Former CB club member passes away

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Our thoughts go out to the Howdle families of the Battlefords and Willow Heights reas on the recent passing of Joyce Howdle, age 88, of Harwood Manor May 24.

Joyce and her late husband John had a family of one son, deceased, and three daughters. They were all members of the North Battleford CB Radio Club for many years. For 10 years Joyce and other members organized a food booth in the sales barn at the exhibition grounds whenever Neil Kramer Auctions annual horse sale was on. It was a busy time to keep up with fresh coffee and hamburgers. There always seemed to be someone on the go to get more food. Those were the good old days when CB radios were on the go. Many times we talked to John Howdle (Donald Duck on the air waves). Many times “XM34-3354, where are you?” could be heard or a call for Saskatchewan Tiger Lily or the Westside Road Runner. Those were the names Stanley and I used.

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In Joyce’s lifetime, between the farm and her volunteer work, she was a busy lady. When her husband and son both passed away, she continued on the farm. In later years, when extra help was needed, she moved to North Battleford.

Many years ago when all the small communities held dances, Joyce and John came to dances at the old community Baljennie Hall.

Her funeral took place May 31 with burial at the North Battleford City Cemetery.

A few days ago most of the grain farmers got all the crop land seeded, though it was dry in some areas. Some crops are showing growth. Now they need a little moisture to help them along. The weeds are slow due to cold days. Now it’s time to be on the lookout for flea beetles on the canola fields. Other areas are battling gophers.

Big semi trucks with long cattle trailers are busy moving cattle from their winter homes to summer pastures.

Battleford West Place residents will be losing sight and noise of Highway 4 and 40 soon, as just the other side of the co-op service station, Oil Can Charlie’s is going to be built soon. Our view is gong to change.

There are many new houses and condos going up in the area near Bridge Road.

I have noted a mystery. Can anyone solve it to help me out? There is a large white sign board along Highways 4 and 40. We have lived at the apartments for more than five years and not a thing has been posted on this board. So why is it there? It stands there bare.

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