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With the coming of spring, thoughts turn to summer activities. The snow is almost gone and the ground crew is close to putting in the flags to begin the 2019 season at the Meota Golf Course. There is a good chance the course and driving range will be open to the public April 19 or 20. Call the clubhouse to verify or book a tee time at 306-892-2200. Golfers getting their membership prior to 6 p.m. Victoria Day will have the chance of winning a free membership. The golf club is always looking for donations of new or used golf clubs or bags for rental purposes. They are looking forward to another busy and successful year.

Speaking of summer and thinking of camping, comes the knowledge that the camping rates have increased in every category. One example is the nightly serviced lot fee is now $42 and the unserviced night is $32. These rates were in the last News Optimist and are on Google for more information.

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We’ve had our three ‘crow snows,’ now we can get on with summer! While we had a good rain April 6, they had snow northeast of here in the Medstead - Spiritwood areas and on east. The fish shacks are off the lake but further north they are still ice fishing anyway. The ice here is starting to show weakening with water all around the edges.

Louise Cadrin, who was raised in the Meota area and still has family here, held a reading and signing of her book, The Starchild of Atarashara, at the local library April 6 with about 35 folks showing up to lend their support. She read her favourite section to those present at the time. She didn’t bring a lot of books because she flew out this time from her home in Vancouver but when she drives out this summer will bring more. This was her first book and did reach the “best seller” list as with today’s technology was shown around the world. She is working on a second novel. Her vocation is a music therapist.

In the background of this picture you see the history books, on the two top shelves, of the many communities around the province, believed to be the largest collection in Saskatchewan. Many changes have taken place to improve the overall appearance and serviceability of the library. We can all appreciate Maria’s efforts.

The Credit Union was closed April 12-15 while Goodsoil and Pierceland members were connected to this system.

In England the “car boot sales” start Easter Monday and continue every second Sunday all summer. Here we have garage and yard sales whenever it suits.

The Meota Hobby Band played at the North Battleford Library April 9 afternoon, with a nice audience to appreciate them.

Duplicate bridge was played in the Pioneer Hall in the city April 9 and saw top score go to Jeannine Beloin and June Groves, then Pat Zaychkowsky and Catriona Winterholt, and third were Gerry Craig and Mary Phelps. April 11 winners were, in order, Catriona Winterholt and Eric Callbeck, then Bob Brown and Vern Iverson followed by Jeannine Beloin and Cletus Scherman. Now with the snowbirds back there were 22 players. It makes for better games.

Four members of the Meota Seniors attended the annual SSAI Region A meeting in Cut Knife April 11. Secretary for the day was Bonnie Ramsay and the meeting was chaired by District Director Linda Ard. The meeting opened with O Canada, followed by the seniors prayer and a minute of silence for deceased members. The minutes of last year’s meeting held in Maymont were read. Reports were read or delivered from all 11 clubs. Our report was given by our secretary, Gwen Lacerte. Then the gathering broke into two groups where discussions on the list of resolutions that had come from SSAI were gone over and discussed, until noon. After a nice buffet lunch the entertainment was a mother and son duo for the Big River area, Jake and Sheila Vaadeland. They were very easy to listen to and the relationship this 14-year-old boy had with his mother was beautiful to watch. Then Provincial President Pat Trask spoke and explained why it’s so important to be a part of the organization so when we are heard we represent so many more people when asking governments to improve their policies in regard to seniors. Pat is stepping down for several reasons so there will be a new president after the June convention.The guest speaker was most interesting as she talked about the Cut Knife Museum of which she has been a part of for 20 years. She also is stepping down leaving the spot for a younger person. She told of the origin and plans for the future. Election of co-ordinators followed with District 1 being Maxine Torgersen of Pierceland. District 2 is Marie Hansen of Cut Knife, District 2A no one was present and District 3 is Barbara Johnson from Edam. An offer to host the meeting in 2020 was made by the Meota club and accepted. The day closed with the singing of This Little Light Of Mine and God Save the Queen. The Cut Knife club did a fantastic job of hosting the meeting and the chairperson expressed our appreciation.

On the drive home we encountered three sites where the RCMP were doing stops – one at the north end of the bridges, another north of the lights at the north end of town and again at the wide spot on the road at Hamlin. They were busy boys that afternoon.

Norwegian Whist was played at the Lawn Bowling Clubhouse April 12. Top score at cards was Yvonne McPherson, then Judy Walker, Lorna Pearson and Janice Morton, Low score was Vivianne Lesko. Games were followed by a chicken dinner from the Co-op and desserts.

The regular and annual meetings of the Do Drop In were held April 12. The executive remains the same. Plans were made for the visit April 15 from the seniors at Edam, for lunch and games. The next shuffleboard tournament will be May 4. Chat and Chew is still popular and the days when two events are planned is being coped with as the challenge comes up. Maureen Campbell gave the library report – the bingo cleared $250. About 35 people showed up for the reading and signing of Louise Cadrin’s new children’s book, April 6. Eric Callbeck reported on the hedge trimming that had been done in front of the hall. We are planning on getting new flags as they are badly needed. The next Wellness Clinic is on April 18. The annual SSAI convention is set for June 4,5 and 6 at the Heritage Inn in Saskatoon. Dates for the Barn Playhouse north of Saskatoon were reviewed and Maureen will take on bookings for the plays either June 19 or 23, depending when she can get a block of tickets for as many who want to go. The comedy is Ed’s Garage. Members can contact her before May 1 when the tickets come on sale, with payment. The next senior meeting is on May 10 at 10:30 a.m. followed by potluck lunch.

Reports from those attending the dinner theatres in Speers, Edam and Cochin all say the plays were excellent and food fine. They just get better and better each year.

The April shuffleboard tournament took place April 13 in the Do Drop in with 18 people taking part. This is always a fun time, and those not playing shuffleboard were playing other games or just visiting. It started at 9:30 a.m., stopped for a tasty potluck lunch at noon and was finished by 2:30 p.m. Top score went to Carol Dyck and Eric Callbeck, second were Arlene Walker and Wally Mack, third were Jack Stewart and Svend Christiansen and fourth were Donna Berscht and Cora Christiansen.

The dates for Canasta are wrong in this month’s community calendar. They should read as on April 5 and 19. The Community Hall lunch in April is on the 26th, so do mark your calendar for that, a chance to meet your neighbours and socialize and support your local hall.

And, yes, the crocuses are out in full bloom in the Cochin hills, making the Blue Mountain retreat south of Rabbit Lake true to its name. I received a nice bouquet from my neighbour to prove it. Thanks, Elaine!

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