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The oilpatch action seems to be picking up again if the sight at Edam’s serviced campground is any indication of people coming into the area to work. The trailer park on the south side of Edam has more trailers now than there were a while ago.

The Edam Seniors hold their weekly pie and coffee Tuesday afternoons and between 20 and 30 folks showed up last week to enjoy a social time with friends.

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Contract bridge was played at the Do Drop In Sept. 3. Brenda Nicholson had high score and Linda Ard was second. Duplicate bridge played in Meota Sept. 4 saw top score go to Margaret Dyck and Maureen Campbell. Second were Vern Iverson and Eric Callbeck and third were Gerry Fernandes and David Sharpe. There were 22 players that night. At the Pioneer Hall Sept. 6, duplicate bridge top score went to Margaret Dyck and David Creegan. Second high were Jean Lawes and Fraser Glen and third were Vern Iverson and David Sharpe.

Canasta was played Friday evening Sept. 7, with four tables at the Do Drop In. High score went to Cora Christiansen and Marion Ottas, second were Paulette Neale and Vivianne Lesko and third were Bob Lesko and Arlene Walker. This was another fine social time together.

The annual summer picnic was held at the farm home of Brian and Yvette McGown near Belbutte, Sept. 2. Entertainment was provided all afternoon and the barbecue supper closed the day off with lots of happy memories and pictures.

Turning into Meota Sunday evening, from the north, posed a dangerous situation. There was a big truck in front and another behind and a car going north at the same time making the turn impossible. Will they wait for an accident before pressure is put on highways to give us turning lanes? There has to be more traffic turning here year round, than there is on any resort road off Murray Lake, and that is mostly summer traffic. The number of large trucks and various other vehicles, using the highway past the village is increasing all the time.

The first shuffleboard tournament of the season found 20 seniors enjoying a day together. The potluck lunch was a feast and enjoyed by all. The pre-drawn couples played three games each. Total scores found top players were Donna Lambert (Leduc, Alta.) and Sharon Zarry (Shaunavon). Second were Nestor Fransoo and Verna Chatfield, third were Cora Christiansen and Lorna Pearson and fourth were Maurice Bru and Maureen Campbell. There were lots of laughs and surprises all day. None of the competitors practice, so any good shot is really a fluke and delight.

In July, the RM of Meota hired Philip Bueckert as a Community Safety Officer. Bueckert, along with his family, comes to us from Fort St. John, B.C. where for the last 13 years he was a safety manager in the oil and gas industry. As CSO, Bueckert is a municipal employee tasked with carrying out high-priority, low-risk enforcement of bylaws and select provincial statutes. A CSO should not be confused with a member of the RCMP. The primary service for the CSO is to work with the other law enforcement agencies to enhance the public safety service delivery to the rural municipality. The CSO will conduct vehicle patrols through all hamlets and the rural municipality, as well as foot patrols in recreational areas. A CSO also assists in community events within the municipality by providing a visible presence and security for the municipality.













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