Glenburn Regional Park closed for the season

It's time to close Glenburn Regional Park. A special thanks to Gary Gallie who managed the park this year, to all his helpers and also to Judy Gallie and her helpers who ran the concession booth. It was a great summer with only the odd weekend not so nice. Overall the weather was nicer than last year. We will miss going down for snacks and swimming. This year entertainment was also provided. Thanks to Michelle and Ernie who welcomed us into their home to join them for potluck suppers and entertainment. Take care, everyone, and we will see you next year.

Some words on harvest time: Harvest! All that we sowed has come to fruit, and we will hope will gather in. From fields where we have spread our seed, we seek full-fat, not hopeless thin, and when thy table bursts with all, collected from where they were grown, we praise the skies and Gods above, for rich rewards of crops once sown. When seedlings fail, and crops are weak, we sadly must accept that fate, a growing fact in climate change, as seems the trend on lands, of late but worry not we will prevail, we'll sow again 'tween sun and hail. (Author unknown)

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The Seniors Centre in Maymont will be holding a potluck supper with entertainment Sept. 26. Everyone is welcome.

Family and friends gathered at Al and Edna Carnahan's home Wednesday evening to celebrate Gertie Sherman's birthday. Cake was served and everyone there had a very enjoyable evening, especially Gertie.

Legend tickets are now available. Watch for posters at your local post offices. The performance will take place Oct. 15, 7:30 p.m. in the Maymont Hall. Who will be the guest star performing Elvis?

Some of you have heard of Ray Cox who will be performing Merle Haggard. Ray just released a new CD. Some of you will also know Frank Ervin who will be performing Charlie Pride. Frank also has CDs. April LaFreniere, who will be performing Tanya Tucker, has also appeared in many dinner shows in Mayfair. Glen Julseth from Borden will be performing Jim Reeves from Borden and the rumours are he sounds just like Jim.

A note to performer Jae Lynn Rempel: sorry, Jae Lynn, we didn't catch the mistake on your last name on the poster; I hope I have it right here.

Come and enjoy a night of fun and entertainment. Anyone who knows Jon Sloan will know that he'll have a great house band organized for the event. Door prizes will be handed out. For more information and tickets, please call Carol or Mel at 389-2440 and if no one is home please leave a message.

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