Golf club planning events at the lake

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How fortunate the ice was off the lake before we had two days of very strong winds that would have created havoc whichever way it blew. Now the ice is gone we can relax and get out the boats. Saw a big one come in today, Sunday.

About 30 folks are still turning out for weekdays morning coffee and baking at the Do Drop In. This will cease once the cafe opens again.

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On April 30 at Edam’s Pie and Coffee afternoon in the seniors hall, about 30 folks turned out for that social time together. They have this every Tuesday afternoon.

First events at the Meota Golf Course in May will be Ladies Night starting Wednesday, May 22, followed by Innovation Credit Union Spring Scramble on Sunday, May 26, then Silvester Glass and R.V. men’s night Tuesday, May 28. Men’s Pins and Skins nights are on the non-sponsored Wednesdays beginning May 14.

April 30 found the duplicate bridge players in the Pioneer Hall in the city. Top scores were by Bernard and Lucille Gregoire, followed by Jetta and Terence Dasilva and then Lori Stark and Margaret Dyck. Scores on May 2 saw top score go to Linda Ard and Robert Iverson, followed by Julie Moore and Jean Lawes and then Vern Iverson and David Sharpe.

Four tables of Canasta were played May 3 at the Do Drop In. Top score went to Vern Iverson and Janice Morton, second to Lefa Sproxton and Jack Stewart, third to Marion Ottas and Linda Ard.

Down in Taber they got a dump of snow all day May 6, which melted as it came down until it finally stayed, about two inches, then another melt, and was gone. Is Mother Nature really that confused?

Another shuffleboard tournament took place at the senior hall May 4. Again it was a great day with the bountiful noon potluck noon meal a regular smorgasbord! Other card games were played while waiting for their turn to play. Top marks here went to Vivianne Lesko and Maurice Bru, followed by a tie for second place by Nestor Fransoo and Jack Stewart and Stella Rendle and Cora Christiansen and third place went to Vern Iverson and Lorna Pearson.

Speeders on the highway get fined, but the most dangerous is the guy travelling 70-80 km/h. This causes lots of scary moments when impatient people are trying to pass. Folks travelling long distances have reason to speed but the local fellows that have all day to get to where they’re going are a dangerous hindrance out there. Wonder why they can’t see this as traffic piles up behind them? With the new improved Highway 4 north of the city there are some problems solved, but not all of them. There surely isn’t enough road for the semis entering or leaving the grain terminals in the Nolin area, so obviously the engineer who designed the new parts had never driven a semi. They can sit waiting for a chance to enter the highway for a long time, most often.

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