Grandson of locals a rising musical performer

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Amid doom and gloom of COVID-19 this beautiful warm spring weather is getting people to pull out from where they were hunkering for the past 11 weeks. How time flies when we're not having fun while stuck at home. I'm sure some enjoyed home cooked meals, learning a new craft or hobby or got caught up on household chores. Spring and summer are for outdoor living, and even with social distancing these can still be bright.

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A 23-year-old young man, grandson of Buck and Ellyn Scotton, has spent the last few years establishing a musical career. Scott Pettigrew's guitar playing has caught the eye of many musical groups. A self-taught musician, he is engaged in playing backup for them. Pettigrew's latest CD "Rising Tide" is comprised of his own compositions produced, engineered and mixed by Regina's Jason Plumb. Plum recorded "Painting the Whole World Green" for the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2007. It is played during Rider home games.

Pettigrew has been busy entertaining at events in southern Saskatchewan and sang and played his guitar for O Canada for the opening of a Rush lacrosse game in Saskatoon.

His parents are Joann and Dave Pettigrew of Regina. Joann completed her primary education at Mayfair Central School. Ellyn was a kindergarten teacher for many years.

Many people in our area patronized Liebaert's Tire Shop in the 1960s, '70s, '80s and '90s under owner Victory Ballachay. We were one of his customers, because Victor and his wife Marlene gave excellence service and were always welcoming with smiles on their faces. Sad to hear he passed away May 7 at Battlfords District Care Centre. Condolences to his family.

The fire ban has been lifted since the downpour for two days last week. Some have reported their rain gauges holding between 1.5 inches and three inches of this much-needed stuff. This keeps the side roads dust free for awhile and the grass and leaves on the trees are lush.

Ticks and mosquitoes have made their appearance much to our dislike. Within two days I had three tick bites on my head and ear. One bite was so bad my doctor requested photos of it and had me email those to his office. There was a big red bloody spot with tenderness in the area for five days. He reassured me there has been no Lyme disease cases in Saskatchewan, but to take this critter in a plastic container to the health region to get sent to a laboratory in Regina for testing. All is done and considered in the past, but I am always scratching my head for some reason.

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