Have you heard HillBilly Blunt?

It seems there is a new group making waves around the west-central Saskatchewan music scene and it happens to consist of a Unity man and a musician from Clair Lake, who now also makes his home in Unity.

Travis Gerein (aka T. Bone Zelinsky) and Lucas Closson (LC) are two wandering souls who make their living travelling around. Travis is a trucker, his guitar with him at all time. Lucas, on the other hand, chases rigs all over the prairies. LC is always collecting thoughts and, eventually, a folder full of songs with crafty lyrics, all written down.

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The two began working together driving a big rig hauling cement. As they made stops in small-town gas stations and Tim Hortons along their routes, they would whip out the guitar and play a couple of songs for whoever was there.

Travis's dad, Don, told him he sounded like a woodpecker because he was always tapping his feet, regardless if he was working or relaxing. Interesting to note - Travis's grandfather was in the group, The Beltones, as a drummer. This same grandfather gave Travis his first set of drums, an eighth birthday present.

The duo spent much time recording songs at Travis's house, as well as getting some video work done by their buddy Rusty Young. Once they set up a Facebook page and added their newly recorded song and video, the word spread. People began asking "Who is HillBilly Blunt?"

When it comes to live shows, the group has had additional people helping out with the sound. As far as the future, the group is seeking other talent to add to their unique sound. Travis plays all instruments as well as sings. Lucas is the vocalist. To date, they have performed six shows. Their first show included another Unity resident, Brody Heiland, as their drummer. Travis, being the experienced percussionist, also put beats together and added them to some recordings.

They have another fellow who played a show with them in Raymore. He is a great guitar player but he lives in Saskatoon and it's difficult to be in transit on a regular basis when you work a full-time job and have band commitments as well. The group is confident that, as their self-made marketing plans become more widespread, they can attract the additional band members they desire.

Whether or not they take their show on the road, for now, depends on the excitement they create with their recently released video and songs. Musicians always dream to play for an audience, no matter how big or small. So far, they have some recordings, 20 of them originals. Lucas has more songs on paper that haven't made it past the thought stages yet.

Until they get a full crew for their stage show, they are focusing on the recording side of their music. For now, they will keep writing the lyrics, strumming the guitar and entertaining anyone who wants to listen.

Currently, these band mates are doing a commercial for the western shop in Unity, Junction 21 Tack and Feed Store, on 93.3 and, as Travis puts it, "are pumped for that!" They are also hoping to secure a gig at the casino.

Travis grew up at Revenue; his parents are Don and Brenda Gerein who still live on the farm there. Lucas spent his younger years by Clair Lake. Through work he ended up around and in Unity and is the proud father of beautiful triplet girls.

The duo is pleasantly surprised at the attention their Facebook page has received. You can check out their latest videos and photos on their Facebook page.

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