Highway 21 to be rerouted east of Unity

A recent announcement indicates the long process of relocating Highway 21 north, a discussion topic for the past four decades, will begin to move forward. This highway is narrow, incurs regular surface failures and brings heavy truck traffic through and near residential areas of the community.

The Town of Unity, RM of Round Valley and North West Terminal have all been engaged in discussions with the Ministry of Highways and have come to agreements to partner to move a portion of this highway to the east of the community. The project would start south of the museum grounds and meet back up with the existing Highway 14 intersection.

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 “It is our understanding that the existing Highway 21 would remain in use until the construction of this new section is complete,” says Unity’s Economic Development Director Carey Baker.

The Town of Unity would then take over a section of the existing Highway 21 and use it mainly as a residential street.

“With the rerouting of Highway 21 we will also have increased safety for our residents by moving the heavy truck traffic away from our residential area,” says Mayor Sharon Del Frari.

“With the coming changes to services provided by NWT, we see truck traffic increasing.”

The mayor acknowledges and welcomes the positive impact of NWT expansions on the local economy.

“I would see results of increased employment and housing demand in Unity,” she says.


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