House fire destroys farm home

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A house fire July 3 destroyed a four-year-old home of a young family who farm near Mullingar. They do not wish their names published as there are too many inquisitive passersby around. This hard-working couple would like to thank the many people, even strangers, who have donated clothing, toys, bedding, towels, furniture, kitchen appliances and the list goes on. She grew up in the area and attended Mayfair School from kindergarten to Grade 12.

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Extreme winds were a factor in the devastation, which took only 45 minutes to raze the home. Thank goodness no one was inside at the time. Spiritwood fire truck was called but was too late to save anything.

I delivered supper to them the next day. A work bee was in progress.

Driving near Mullingar on a grid road, I observed something out of the ordinary. A red fox in the ditch had a large animal hanging from its mouth. Yes, that's typical. What wasn't was an adult deer nearby watching the fox. By the time I backed up to take a photo, the fox went running into the canola field with the deer in chase. I started to video but the fox was running so fast the deer gave up and was standing still, probably thinking the chase was hopeless. Do you think it was a fawn, perhaps this deer's baby, this crafty fox managed to capture and devour?

Very sad for the family of baby Declan Wiens, who passed away three weeks ago while visiting relatives. Parents are Jordan and Linda (nee Thompson) Wiens of Battleford. Linda's parents, Michael and Debbie Thompson, farmed southeast of Mayfair for many years before relocating to Battleford. Linda was enrolled at Mayfair Central School for a good part of her elementary years. "Where there are no words ... know the silences are carrying the thoughts and prayers of all who love you." ‑‑ Dawn Dais

Congratulations to Riley and Mandie of Mayfair on becoming first-time parents to a beautiful baby girl born June 29 at Battlefords Union Hospital. Grandparents are Norman and Jackie VanNortwick and great-grandparents, formerly of Mayfair, Earl and Ann VanNorthwick, thus making this number eight for small ones.

The atrocious storms have not been a welcoming sight, but we haven't had any major flooding and damage done to crops, gardens .

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