Keeping an eye on the swimming pool during breakup

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It is still very dusty around, though the streets were washed a week ago, which no doubt does help a lot. We, as well as the whole province, are waiting for rain, as the fields are so dry. The pretty summer birds are back, including bluebirds, meadow larks, robins, sandhill cranes, ducks and geese and the odd whooping crane and many more.

Nina and Jack Park, at the local store, are offering some fresh produce now the summer traffic has started arriving. They offer some baking and cooked meats, also. 

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Sunday inspection down at the swimming hole proved interesting. There is still lots of ice out there and we will be watching to see where the wind takes it next, hoping there is no more damage done.

I have a nephew who has spent the winter in Mexico and now is told he cannot return to Canada until June 5 and then spend 14 days in quarantine. It should be getting pretty hot down there by then.

The highway between Prince Albert and Shellbrook is being improved this summer, with parts of it being twinned, some sections of passing lanes installed and improvements made to bridges and intersections, all in an effort to make it a safer drive.

Canasta was played by the folks within the “Meota bubble” last week. It was refreshing to get out and see our friends and know they have survived the winter, too, in lonely surroundings.

Meota Lakefront Paddle and Sail are having a get together (or should we say spread apart) on Sunday, May 16 at 1 p.m. Existing members would like to invite anyone interested to stop by that day to pitch in on the cleanup of the grounds and equipment. With guidelines in hand, they will be preparing the indoor facility to meet provincial guidelines for COVID readiness. This is a great opportunity to find out firsthand the benefits of membership, as well as contributing ideas on how the club can make it even better. We look forward to all hands on deck.


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