Keeping warm with cards and shuffleboard

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This is the time the pipeline protesters should be shutting off their furnaces and stop driving their cars. They will figure it all out in time, I’m sure.

The days are getting longer, but also colder, but by this time in mid-week it should be nicer. My old diary of 1946 says it was -44 F on Feb. 1. At that time we had no power, phone or central heating and survived! Travellers going to Edmonton via Lloydminster said there were several vehicles left on the side of the road when they drove that route last week.

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It’s been interesting watching the news and what Vancouverites are doing to cope with their snowstorms. My niece said she’d been housebound for six days and every day her hubby had to blow snow when he came home from work. They finally dug out their old snowsuits from 1990, and went tubing with the grandkids. On Facebook they showed a fellow shovelling snow with a lawn chair, and it was working not too bad, but the chair was likely insulted.

The free appreciation luncheon, hosted by the Meota Lions Club, was well attended with everyone enjoying the many varieties of soup, sandwiches and desserts. This is proving to be a community with a warm and generous heart.

Another time for folks to remember to be generous is when a fellow, or gal, fills your tank at the gas pumps. This is a service we older folks deserve, and only get at a few places any more. We appreciate it dearly.

Four tables of duplicate bridge were played in the Pioneer Hall Jan. 14. Tied for first and second were Donna Scherman and Margaret Dyck with John Armstrong and David Sharpe. They were followed by Ron Inkster and Albert Blais. Again at the hall Jan. 16, top score went to Jean Lawes and Fraser Glen. Second were Cletus Sherman and Anne Crozier and third were Margaret Dyck and Dave Creegan.

In the city, several Meota folks attended the Action Now Norwegian Whist played Jan. 16 with three tables playing. There were also two tables playing cribbage. Top whist score went to Doreen Hagen, followed by Linda Ard, Faye Goll and Eric Callbeck. There was coffee and snacking after for the social session.

A shuffleboard tournament was held in the Do Drop In Jan. 17 with a dozen local participants. The noon break offered a hearty meal and a nice variety of desserts. The players made lots of beautiful shots and also many freak ones, but it was all in fun. High score went to Wally Mack and Svend Christiansen. Only one point behind them were Art Jones and Jack Stewart and then Maureen Campbell and Eric Callbeck. We are looking forward to the next tournament to be on Feb.15.

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