Lake has been busy as weather shines on those with the toys

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Hot, hot, hot ‑‑ great weather for vacationers, but the crops will be needing rain soon as they are in the filling stage. However, it is a treat for folks at the lake to have dry days rather than drizzly, cool ones. The action on the lake is never ending and for those with thousands of dollars tied up in boats and watercraft, it is great they can get out there and use and enjoy their toys.

Coping with parking trucks and trailers, after launching boats, also continues, but that's part of the challenge. Most cabins and homes enjoyed company over the weekend as vehicles were parked everywhere, along streets and avenues. So the next step is to know in 14 days if we have a virus problem, as it is becoming more widespread everywhere. There is talk now of provinces closing their borders, which will make big problems for many people who travel back and forth for work, so let's hope it doesn't come to that.

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A visit out to the farm home of Walter and Mary Tait, west of Meota, was a treat. Her usual display of flower pots is always beautiful and this year they added a happy fellow to greet their visitors as they drive into the yard. Travelling to or from Scotland this summer didn’t happen, as planned. This fellow was cut out by Walter, then he and Jane painted it. He is a popular Scottish cartoon character, a wee spiky-haired boy in dungarees ‑‑ “Oor Wullie.” The pail he’s sitting on is part of his character, as he enjoys taking a break by sitting on his upturned bucket. It would be most suitable for their Scots relatives to be met by Oor Wullie, but not this year.

Bridge results for July 30 with three and a half tables in play saw top score go to Gerry Craig and Mary Phelps, followed by Jean Lawes and Fraser Glen. In third were David Sharpe and Vern Iverson. Being out later than usual, it was a pleasant sight to step out of the Pioneer Hall to be met by a beautiful full moon.

Weekend evenings have found people enjoying fireworks of some kind, so it keeps the holiday spirit alive and well. Guess I’m not the only one who enjoys them.

A trip to Lloydminster and Medstead gave us a chance to see how wonderful the crops are throughout the region. There was some crop lodging this side of Medstead, but not too much. The road into Medstead from Highway 4, south of Glaslyn, has been converted to straight gravel, no more broken pavement. It was good to see the trailer rental business south of Cochin had few vehicles left on site, so people are renting, rather than buying, which makes good sense. My daughter rented one a few years ago and was pleased with the vehicle, service and price.

The community hall and contents at Belbutte were sold last year and the hall was purchased by Brian McGown. Brian and Yvette held their a music jamboree July 25, attracting a nice crowd (but not too big). It was set up with restrictions in mind, but full of laughter, love and music. We look forward to more Sundays like this throughout the year. The kitchen is not fully functional yet, but Brian is working on that.

Realtors still seem to be getting property moving, as “For Sale” signs go up, as well as “Sold” signs. It is good not to have a lot of empty buildings around as they deteriorate quickly.

We are looking forward to a report on keeping bats alive and well in the community, this fall. With the mosquito problem we have at present, we could use a few more of them.

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