Lakes and rivers swollen with excess water

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Canada Day is being celebrated, so traffic will increase and folks will be doing more family gatherings and crossing borders, too, so we will all be watching and hoping the pandemic bugs stay away. Wearing of a mask seems to be proving to be a good safety measure for everyone.

The water is very high in all the northern lakes and rivers. Meeting Lake has constructed berms along the shoreline to protect property in that area. and the Water Security Agency has withdrawn the personnel who assisted in the building of the berms and responsibility has been turned over to the regional park authority and RM of Spiritwood. The Green River is right up to the bridge platform with signs advising travellers to not stop on the bridge. This river, which now looks more like a lake, runs north into the Beaver River, on to Lac Isle a la Crosse and enters the Churchill River system, on it’s way to Hudson Bay.

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The Spiritwood High School staff and students congratulate retiring teacher Deon Nordstrom, who has spent all of his 30-year career at Spiritwood High School. He interned under the guidance of Glen Delisle in 1990. They wish him well in the next chapter of his life. 

Likewise, Meadstead’s teacher Kelly Schneider has been on the job there for 35 years, 20 years as principal and at Medstead since 2001. This is the school he once attended as a student. These stories go to prove living in these northern areas must be good.

Many folks have had company, mostly family, recently. Being careful will tell how we survive the next step in this pandemic scene. My great-granddaughter from Lethbridge, Alta. visited in the city on her way through Monday, I met her at the Co-op for coffee. 

Our unwelcome summer bugs have come out in full force. The no-see-ums have joined the  abundance of mosquitoes, making sitting outside much less desirable. Plans for sitting around a campfire, doing social distancing while warding the bugs off, becomes rather unpleasant. So it’s either an extra layer of clothes or lots of bug spray.

Swimming pools are supposed to open July 4, so hope the swim area here has been prepared and is ready for the young folks next week. One pool advertised it would open but due to social distancing there would be no water in lanes 1, 3 and 5. Good idea.

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