Life hits the pause button, but there are signs of spring

Everyone's life has changed with new restrictions reducing the important social part of our lives to nil. If we each do our part and isolate ourselves for at least two weeks, we should see the spread of the virus slow down. I personally don't think two weeks will be enough.

Signs of spring have been the appearance of skunks and gophers out and about, some weeks ago already.

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Congratulations to the Spiritwood High School Curling Team who hosted the Provincial High School Athletics Association Provincial Mixed Curling Championships, March 7 and 8. The Spiritwood team reclaimed the provincial mixed title taking the gold medals, Swift Current took silver and Quill Lake took bronze. The Spiritwood team was made up of coaches Jason Reddekopp and Brad Nemish, skip Dalton Wasden, third Emma Beaulac, second Owen Beaulac and lead Olivia Parker.

The Medstead grocery will deliver groceries to seniors in their community, and likely noon meals on Wednesdays. The Bella Vista Inn in Humboldt offers take-out meals ready for pick-up by phoning ahead. Dominos in North Battleford are offering 50 per cent off all pizza orders that come in online, all week long.

I'm hoping the truckers are being cared for as they are the lifeline to our food supplies, and  cannot drive up to the window at McDonalds or Tim Hortons, but must walk there. They also need access to bathrooms.

Fish shacks are coming off the lake before month end.

I hope parents have been able to spend some quality time with children out of school, for special time together.

It has been rather cool but will warm up soon. Those facing the lake Sunday afternoon had a free show as someone was having difficulty trying to get their shack off the lake, with help from several sources. Not hard to run into snags and things don't go as planned.

Line ups at Costco stores in Alberta on the weekend deterred anyone travelling not to be waiting to get in. One version is that they allow only so many in at a time to reduce the closeness of customers. These stores and others now have posted signs of "no return" for supplies like toilet paper, paper towel, wipes, water, rice, Lysol and other products. These are all items that people bought extra so they could resell or return when this is all over.

The trip for seniors to visit Edam group March 25 has been cancelled, as was the noon luncheon in Meota. The SSAI regional meeting set for April 9 has been postponed. There'll be nothing going on at the Do Drop In either. Bridge in the city is cancelled for now, too.

Two yoga studios in Smithers, B.C. are offering online courses to help people cope with isolation, anxiety and stress.

One nursing home had their residents playing bingo. Each sat in their doorway with a portable table for their cards. That would be a nice break from isolation in those constricted places.

This is the time of year that one would set incubators with eggs and wait three weeks for them to hatch. My niece near Niton Junction in Alberta has set her incubator with 294 eggs and is anxiously waiting for the hatch. Her children are keen on doing this as a project where they can make a few dollars for themselves and have the excitement of watching the eggs hatch out, besides. 

A couple of good Samaritans in Meota are offering to shop for anyone stranded in Meota. These are the phone numbers for Irene 306-441-4191 or Brenda at 306-441-1036. 

There has been a case reported of a farm cat attacking two men, so be aware if you see an animal not acting normally, to be on the alert. This animal was destroyed before tests could be done to prove it was rabid, but there's not much doubt about it. The men went into the city and had treatments for rabies -- one needle for every scratch, and there were many, plus follow-up treatment later. 

Also postponed is the election for councillor and mayor that was to take place March 31 in the village of Meota.






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