Local musician shines at provincial festival

The emergence of relaxed restrictions that include the pool being open, ball and soccer games being played and just a little more freedom and return to the some of the normal we experienced pre-pandemic are welcome signs. While we aren’t out of the woods yet, it is hoped and believed with increased success in vaccine strategies we can soon live our lives in a much more normal fashion. Of course, people embracing the opportunity to “Stick it to COVID” will help.

Congratulations to a number of U of S and U of R graduates. They were unable to experience in-person convocations this year but are to be commended for their accomplishments.

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Hats off to Unity’s Dallan Kuhn who was runner-up with his musical theatre piece in Provincial Music Festival this year.

The Unity Knights of Columbus made a number of donations in the community including a substantial donation to the food bank, Saskatchewan Special Olympics, Teen Aid and the Courtesy Car.

He’s gone. Our dependable, committed, community champion, former Economic Development Director Carey Baker, has moved on to a new position. I talked to him before his departure and he told a passionate story about Unity.

Baker looks back on the last 22 years with pride, stating, “I would never take credit for these things, as I believe I’ve assisted or influenced. Most everything has been done by business people, investors and volunteers.” Land development that included several new subdivisions, Luther Place, 8th Avenue Estates are some of his top success stories. A community mural project that is still enjoyed today. Baker was also involved in community events such as pre-tournament hosting of a 2010 World Junior Hockey event, as well as Unity’s Run for Riderville in 2010. He was instrumental in the hosting of CTV Hometown Tour and numerous Western Canadian and provincial ball championships. He spearheaded upgrades at the arena as well as a new pool.

The Unity Credit Union Aquatic Center opened May 31 to much excitement. Maximum attendance is 75. Please be respectful of the guidelines as lifeguards are all students and they are only following and enforcing the rules they were given.

The Junior Cardinals showed their top form by winning the league and home opener June 6 against the Meadow Lake Sox. The Jr. Cards dropped their second game to the Macklin Lakers June 8, but were looking for a big rebound in their next game at home June 9. They play the. Battlefords Trappers June 16. There are two more home games set for July, while the rest of the team’s schedule is on the road.

If you are a fan of Senior Cardinals players Cory Wildeman and Damian Lantz, you can check them out suited up for the Wilkie Brewers this season. Wildeman already had a stellar performance in the Brewers’ opening game. Check out all NSRBL schedules on their website.

Unity Composite High School hosted a virtual drama feature and virtual talent show June 9. Graduates are just a couple weeks away from finishing their high school experience. Graduation will include all 48 grads along with two guests in the prescribed 150-person outdoor commencement ceremony and the community will get to celebrate the graduates June 30 evening with a parade.

St. Peter’s School have accepted a Knights of Columbus donation to support school ventures.

Here’s hoping this finds you all safe, healthy and socially distanced. Until next week ...

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