Locals thwart cabin break-ins

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Does that song sound familiar? We only like to hear it around the festive Christmas season, not as of Oct. 26 weekend. Wow, what a crude warning of the onset of BRRR winter! Please pull out your warm winter woollies and try to keep toasty warm. Enough said about the weather, but let’s hope it will not be a replay of last January and February when the buses didn’t even run for a few days, which made a lot of happy kids.

Many annual fall suppers haven’t had many farmers attend the delicious suppers that the towns work so diligently to put on, because they are scrambling around in their fields to desperately complete the 2019 harvest. At the end of the supper, the kitchen workers will package up the food and sell it for a reasonable price. Now with this cold, snowy weather, the older folks from the cities will not venture on the roads to get a good feast and see old acquaintances. So sad, but we have no control over the weather.

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The Dekker Centre in North Battleford has most certainly had excellent entertainment throughout the past years. My list of recents since October are Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, Oldie Goldies with the North Battleford City Kinsman Band, Brock Andrews originally from Wilkie, and Brody Siebert originally from Spiritwood, putting on a country western and country rock concert. Both of the above are early in their singing careers, share the same awesome band members and put on a high energy night of entertainment for young and old.

Yoga has started up again in Mayfair Hall and Monday evenings are for these fitness people. There would probably be more people to join in, but many did not know that it started up again. Call Theresa Toews, librarian, for more information 306-246-4812 or instructor Louise Sylvester for more information 306-445-6887 (days).

How brave can four youths be to break into my cabin during an October weekday afternoon? Well, yes, it did happen and thanks to my neighbours Lawrence and Lynne Clinton on my cul-de-sac who took action. There was a real mass of broken glass and stuff scattered throughout my rooms to clean up. SGI insurance will not be too happy with all of the items that were stolen, and my list keeps getting bigger as I assess things. The next day, two from the previous group of four tried breaking into two different cabins, but they were thwarted thanks to Bob Morton, retired Saskatoon city police officer, and Sheldon Barilla, who took quick action to hold these culprits until the Spiritwood RCMP arrived on the scene. One kid already has many charges against him and he is out running on the loose but the constable I had contact with claims that he will be put away soon. Not soon enough for my liking. Our justice system seems to defend the culprit, not the victim. How would they like it if their windows got smashed, articles trashed and there was an invasion of their own privacy?

How about garbage strewn on public roads? A couple of weeks at our local mailbox group sites, you would not believe the amount of garbage that I picked up. Fast food establishments seem to be taking the lead with customers dumping their paper coffee cups, sometimes Styrofoam cups, next to french fry containers, hamburger containers, etc., not to mention the beer cans and bottles. Litter everywhere. Come on, people, smarten up! Would you do this in your own backyard? I am wiser as to which place people seem to patronize the most.

Do not forget Mayfair’s fall supper this coming Saturday, Nov. 2, at our local hall. Price is $15 for adults, up from $12.50. This is the major fundraiser for Mayfair All Saints Catholic Church, so please come to support them. Hopefully a little bit nicer weather will appear by this weekend, according to the forecast, which will bring out city people.

Rabbit Lake’s is the weekend after and conflicts with Maymont’s Cash Back concert the same day. Tickets for the supper and country western performance can be purchased from Judy at 306-389-2012 or Dale at 306-389-4301. Villages in different Saskatchewan places always find good entertainment.

Hafford Vikings senior boys football team won the game last Saturday, braving the eggs extremely cold weather and have now advanced to the provincial semifinal playoff game against Watrous. Game date is Saturday, Nov. 2 at 1 p.m. Go cheer on this great hard-working team. The more one cheers, the less cold you will feel.

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