Maidstone celebrates Canada Day

Canada Day in Maidstone started with a well-attended breakfast at the Legion Hall.

The parade, organized by Parade Marshal Bill Foster, was headed up by RCMP Cst. Hoffman. The North of the Gully 4-H Club entered the calves and horses they had raised. First place went to a float entered by the Town of Waseca. Second place went to Aaron and Melissa Paton family in their 1949 restored Chevrolet 1-ton truck. Third prize went to CIBC members with replicas of children’s large size Lego blocks in all colors.

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The slow antique tractor races organized by Richard Meynberg had 16 entries. First place under 2 mph was won by Jim Sparks of Edgerton. Second place was Terry Box of Unity. Third place was Dewey Taylor of Paynton. Over 2 mph first place was Bill McLaren, second-place was Vince Gerlinski of Maidstone and third place was Albert Duhaime of Paynton.

In the lawn and tractor races, first place was Richard Meynberg of Maidstone, second place was Terry Box and third place was Brittney Chocker of Vermilion.

A new event this year was a pie-eating contest organized by Mark Telenga. Contestants had to represent an organization in town. Winner was Kaitlynn Johnson for the Maidstone Library, second was Tylor Johnson for the late Nic Weston Children’s Memorial Fund.

The horseshoe tournament had 15 teams, organized by Bob Banks. A event was won by Clayton Klein and Rob Clark. Second event was won by Bob Banks and Mike Ballan.

The Girl Guides of Maidstone operated a dunk tank. Thank you to all who volunteered to be dunked.

Cathy Utri organized the face painting, which the children always enjoy.

Shelby Wakefield and Christine Carlson took visitors on tours of the buildings in the museum village.

The decorated bikes were judged by Cst. Hoffman. First place was Ariyanna Blanchette. Second place was Evelyn Telega. Third place was Dima El-Halabi.

Children in different age categories competed in a variety of flat races, including the old-fashioned sack race.

The highlight of the afternoon was the threshing demonstration. Allen Hinde, owner of the Oliver Red River Special threshing machine explained how it worked. It was powered by a 1928 McCormick Deering 1530 tractor operated by owner Vince Gerlinsky. Four volunteer bundle pitchers fed the machine. Wheat was threshed into a large barrel. Straw was used later in a straw scramble filled with candy for the children.

The museum members and volunteers provided hotdogs, hamburgers, ice cream and beverages during the day. Bingo, organized by Dorothy Schwartz, was played from 4 to 6 p.m. Caller was Bev Stewart and money collectors were Dorothy Harmel and Sharon Ruud.

The two-day slo-pitch tournament was organized by Chris Zerr with 14 teams entered. First place went to a Maidstone team named Puddles. Second place went to a team called Lost in the Sauce. Third went to a Maidstone team called Other.

The Silver Lake ball team ran the beer gardens, provided food and entertainment. Proceeds from this plus the pancake breakfast went to the late Nic Weston Children’s Memorial Fund.

The fun-filled day for all ages was topped off with a spectacular fireworks display at dusk.

As I was working at the events, I apologize if I missed naming all the volunteers who made this event successful.

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