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Hi, everyone! After taking a two-year leave of absence from being the Mayfair and area news correspondent, due to illness, I am back in the circle of writing news.

Weather plays such an important part in farmers’ livelihood, with the recent impact of frost and ferocious hail storms, there are many unhappy people in this farming area. The weather pattern had been changing the last couple of years, making photography an interesting comment on weird sky events. Having hail insurance is another added expense, but in these circumstances it is important to have had coverage on the damaged crops.

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Congratulations to five Grade 12 students from Mayfair area. Twins Chloe and Brooke Prescesky graduated from Spiritwood High Shool the end of June with a big celebration at their parents’ farm. Gordon and Shannon will have only one daughter left at home to go through the school system. Sarah Penner also graduated from this same school and my neighbour Tanya is her proud mother. Michael and Theresa Toews had their second oldest child Brian graduate from Hafford Central School along with Tiana Lafreniere. Tiana’s parents are Calvin and Sara. Best of luck to these fine students and may you all “sail” with confidence into the future. You have already accomplished a major milestone and will have many hurdles to cross as you take on all the world.

Local resident Michele Toews married Tyrel Gallant, originally from Saskatoon, in June at the local Mennonite church a quarter mile west of Mayfair. Her sister, Louise (Doug) Sylvester of North Battleford was delighted to have Michele wear the same wedding dress as she did that their late mother Florence had sewn many years ago.

Eighty-six-year-old Mary Agnes Kennedy, beloved wife of Gordon, passed away in Spiritwood Palliative Care Unit, part of the Spiritwood Health Complex, in July. She and Gordon raised 12 children on their small farm near Mullingar. She raised hens and pigs an milked cows in order to help put food on the table. Every day this hard-working woman, petite in stature, baked bread and cakes. Like many people in this age bracket she canned and froze an abundance of garden vegetables. Gordon and Mary were married for 76 years, enduring many hardships Her funeral was held in Rabbit Lake Community Hall with a large crowd in attendance. Mary will always be remembered for her warm smile and willingness to go out of her way to start a conversation.

Anyone wanting home made cream pies can purchase these from Judy Kennedy at 306-246-4323 or 306-441-8109. Mrs. Humen can be contacted at 306-246-4916 for cabbage rolls and perogies made in her kitchen. On the topic of food, CanPhill Apiaries of Spiritwood has their honey for sale at Mayfair Library in a separate room of the hall.

Leanne and Stephen Cherwinski and family went on their traditional summer getaway at Waterhen Lake with weather co-operating for outdoor fun. For a few days, daughter Carla and Kelly Sovey of Calgary, had Kelly’s parents Betty-Anne and Albert from Leoville camping in their trailer right by Cherwinski’s rented cabins. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this family one-week stay with fishing, tubing behind the boat, swimming and campfires. Summer days pass by so quickly, so one has to enjoy every moment of sunshine.

Many people, with Meeting Lake being so close, have their trailers parked for weeks, months or seasonal at the regional park. The concession serves a variety of food and is busy on weekends. Fishing is reported as being very good with pickerel and jack caught from the lake.

Mullingar resident Michelle Wohlberg (nee Striga) pulled herself from the TV outdoor adventure survival show that is being aired on Thursday evenings. She knew her health was dwindling and realized that her body was more important than winning a large sum of money, which the final contestant will receive. This is no small feat, Michelle, as in our eyes you are a winner, as most people would not last more than a few days in the wilderness. She expertly hunts and fishes, which most women cannot wish to achieve. Danny Wohlberg, her husband, attended Mayfair Central School a few decades ago. Together they have a small son who I am sure really missed his mommy while she was on this venture.

David and Sally Salisbury moved to Spiritwood this past winter. They realized that the young ones can survive nicely on the farm without their help as age creeps slowly upon them. The coffee pot is always on in Sally’s kitchen, as company’s always welcome.

Doug Grigor is a resident in the Spiritwood Health Complex with his wife Alice, a former school teacher, frequently visiting him. Apparently, Alice reports, he really likes living there, as she could no longer care for him at home.

People retire at a certain age and realize when it is time to quit, so Marlene Pool (Jack) taught many years at Mayfair School before it closed in June 2004. She was transferred to Spiritwood high school and then to Hafford Central School. Many miles have been put on their vehicles and Hafford, being the closest for her to travel to and from, was wonderful. Marlene was an excellent, caring mathematics teacher, doing wonders with numbers. She and Jack have two married sons along with two grandchildren, so babysitting as grandparents is a great delight.

Lynn Martin, also a caring former Mayfair teacher, was transferred to Spiritwood and after many years of teaching retired three years ago. The last two years at Mayfair School she was principal. Lynn’s parents, Lawrence and Ruth (Ruth’s vocation was also teaching) recently celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary. They moved to Saskatoon in 2011 after my youngest son, Ryan, purchased their farm three miles northwest of Mayfair.

Lauren and Kevin Liebaert are enjoying small village living in Mayfair the past couple of years. It is great to see a young family with three small children to liven up the town. Kevin has been employed as a sale rep with Jaydee Agtech Ltd. in North Battleford the last five months.

Shirley Lamontagne along with her granddaughter Amy Fendelet and great-granddaughter Abby from Hafford visited family late June in British Columbia. Shirley has had a busy summer visiting her sister Donnie and brother Jack who reside near Shell Lake. Shirley sometimes assists Donnie with her many summer garage sales and has a blast doing this.

Let’s hope Mother Nature will keep giving lots of sunshine for a long time as crops and gardens are behind a good week and a half to two weeks compared to other areas. The cool weather and not much rain in the spring is responsible for this. The tap seemed to turn on in late June and July and did not stop again for farmers, delaying haying time.

It is time for blueberry picking, as there appears to be an abundance north of Chitek Lake. I am expecting four guests at my cabin in the forest the middle of this week, one of them being my oldest sister Lorraine Lensen from Vanscoy. She is an avid picker and will arrive at my cabin eager to start the day bending down and sometimes kneeling to pick the tasty berries. It can be fun in the bush with someone always being alert for bears, yes, I said bears, as there appears to be more and more of them every year. We invade their territory, but there are enough berries for animals and humans.

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