Mayfair News – ‘How was your day at school?’

What was the most used question last week after students returned to the classroom setting? Yes, you guessed it – “How was your day at school today?”

Or should I saw questions? “What did you learn at school today?” “Did you make any new friends and what are their names?” Do they live on the farm or in town?” What are their parents’ names?”

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Get what I mean? As parents and/or grandparents, we are full of questions and usually request fast answers. The student might roll his or her eyes and decide not to answer every one of those nosey questions, or perhaps give the interrogative adult a blank stare. Who, Why and What are overused in the students’ eyes. As a parent, I was guilty of this and even when “kid-watching,” my grandchildren haven’t outgrown my curiosity. My two oldest grandchildren, ages seven and nine, do not like the term “babysitting.” In their eyes, this is used for much younger children and perhaps for babies, as the word suggests.

May all students, young or old, soar like an eagle and ask many questions, as this is a form of learning. All the best to everyone returning to school this coming year. May you always get answers to your questions and keep them stored in your head. No, your head doesn’t explode when overflowing with information.

My husband and I kid-watched our five-year-old grandson from Maymont for a couple of days and, boy, did we learn a lot of nifty kindergarten stuff. Stuff you will want to remember safely stored somewhere your head.

I was in Yuma, Ariz., for two months this past winter and timed it quite right for the miserable cold winter that you Prairie people seemed to survive.

Every second year in May, the Creative Corner’s, a non-profit organization, hosts an English tea and local artists display their talent to the many guests who are lucky enough to attend. This event draws a large crowd from Melfort, Saskatoon, Lloydminster and the Battlefords areas.

Mayfair Spring Craft Sale is the last Saturday in September, held at the hall. To book a table, please call Alice Grigor at 306-246-4212.

Local fellow, Derrick Kyliuk, is part owner of a fly-in fishing camp north of Buffalo Narrows. Two locals, my son Greg and Kevin Liebaert, experienced great fishing, although chilly cold wind prevented everyone in the group from going out into the wide open, deep lake. They still caught very large fish and, man, those fish fries saw a lot of beer being drunk amongst the delicious food ingested.

An excellent entertainer like Bryan Adams never disappoints his fans at the July 10 concert at SaskTel Centre. My daughter Amanda Sevick of Maymont and I enjoyed his show until the very last song, plus the entourage. He is 59 years old with a young wife and two young children. Best of all, he is a Canadian performer who lives in Vancouver, B.C. and still does world tours. We ran into a few other people from our area, including Melissa Oliynyk and her friend Jodie Soderberg from Glenbush.

A few days later, Ag in Motion, an ag progress show near Langham sponsored a Blue Rodeo concert at TCU Place, which my husband and I enjoyed. This concert was well received by the crowd and did not disappoint.

I was late in opening up my cabin on July 6 as my husband had to repair some plumbing problems under the kitchen sink and under the deck. I do not think I could resort back o no running water in this day and age.

Fishing has been very good at Chitek Lake, not to mention some of the nearby smaller lakes north of Chitek, such as Shell Lake (not the one with the same name near Shellbrook), Lac du Clair, Huard Lake, etc. My nine-year old grandson was catching fish off the provincial boat launch just a half mile from the town of Chitek. He also knows how to clean pickerel and jackfish and has become and avid fisherman. Those razor sharp filleting knifes still scare me.

Sandra Lange (husband Danny) of Mayfair was the main chaperone on a Grade 10 and 11 student travel club from Hafford School in early July. The eager students along with two other chaperones toured Ireland, which was a lifelong dream of many of these excited teenagers. Extensive fundraising is required by this enthusiastic travel club, who do a trip every second year. By the looks of the many pictures posted on Facebook, there were ear-to-ear smiles on every one of them.

Congratulations to Lorna and Russel Buziak of Whitkow on becoming grandparents for the 10th time. Their daughter Jolene Strain (Brennon) gave birth to their fourth child, another boy, so they “added another little farmer to the crew.” The older three boys were thrilled to have the same gender added to the family. Brennon shares a seed cleaning plant with other Strain members of the family, thus making it a very busy farm.

Laugh of the day – Yesterday: fixed hair and makeup …saw NO ONE! Today: Looked like Jack Nicholson from The Shining… saw ALL the people I know – Yes, absolutely ALL OF THEM!

Sunday, Sept. 8, was Grandparents Day. Hope all us “oldie goldies” enjoyed the day.

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