Mayfair to observe Remembrance a day early

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Has everyone accomplished the fall/winter household and yard chores? Eavestrough cleaning, raking leaves, taking down the outdoor Halloween decorations and replacing these with Christmas decorations with lights galore, window washing, clearing up the dog bones and other unpleasant surprises they leave? No one can outdo the Griswolds with their extravagant decor on the famous hilarious National Lampoon’s Vacation. I am sure as this festive season approaches, many of us will be watching and enjoying this movie just as much as the first time we watched it.

Mayfair and area folks, keep Nov. 22 open on your calendar as Rabbit Lake Community Hall Board is hosting another supper and show. This time, by popular demand, Will Ballentyne and his band are returning to the stage. He started playing fiddle at age 11 and from there learned the mandolin, bass and guitar. At 15 years of age, singing became an interest and has not stopped. In 2013, Will was invited to Nashville and performed at the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree. His music is the old style country type, as he usually draws crowds of senior citizens. For tickets, call Jim Tompkins at 306-841-7181, Rabbit Lake Hotel at 306-824-2002, Rose Gill Senior Lodge 306-824-2020. In Spiritwood, one can get tickets at R&L Feed at 306-883-2419 and Prairie Community Endeavors 306-883-2025. Come out for a great evening of listening to the “oldie goldie” country songs and visiting your neighbours.

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“Green is the color, football is my game!” I think most people at this time of the year can relate to the clip of a very popular Saskatchewan Roughriders theme song. Congratulations on an outstanding performance that advances the team to the Western Division playoffs. This has not happened since 2009, when the team won the prestigious Grey Cup.

Let's get out and take in a Remembrance Day service, whether it be on a large or small scale. This is the least that, as citizens of Canada, we can do for the fallen and dead soldiers from all the wars our country has been involved in. This is called respect. If one is housebound, there are radio services to listen to.

Recently I heard on the radio that a school in Regina has participated in a program called “No Stone Left Alone.” The students, before Nov. 11, clean the tombstones of buried soldiers. What a great gesture and wonderful adults they will grow up to be in the near future. These are not kids that have too much free time on their hands.

I recently heard the story of a 96-year-old Pittsburgh gentleman who survived the Holocaust and a war and was awarded the Award of the Cross but it got lost in the shuffle of moving. Apparently, the award ended up in a thrift store and the new purchaser had the common sense to find the rightful owner. It appeared on social media, so this old surviving war warrior had it returned to him. What an amazing and happy ending story.

On Sunday, Nov. 10, at 2 p.m., we are holding the annual Remembrance Day service one day early at Mayfair Hall. We usually get people from Rabbit Lake, Mullingar, Whitkow, Alticane, Richard and sometimes Sperrs, not to forget about the actual few residents who reside in Mayfair. The service is no longer than a half hour with lunch and fellowship. Also, for folks living closer to Maymont, the school gymnasium is open to everyone for a service at 10:45 a.m. sharp with a chili lunch to follow. The school students participate in the program with all students proudly wearing a poppy. Proceeds from the lunch go towards the 2020 graduating class.

Yes, the Hafford Viking senior boys football team have pulled off another big win. Wynyard will be seeing these guys this Saturday, Nov. 9, for another exciting, fast paced game. Birch Hills lost their semifinal game to Wynyard. That’s forcing this game, not in Hafford as much as the locals wanted it to be, but the fan bus will be making a road trip down south shortly.

The large RM of Meeting Lake maintenance building is almost complete, situated next to the old one which was converted from the old curling rink about 32 years ago. The RM crew were busy hauling and putting gravel on side and main gravel roads recently. To add to the work, of coarse, the grading of roads is always a top priority, plus cutting down bush growing in the road allowances, etc. Some of the staff are to resume their duties next spring because of the early snow fall and the freezing of the ground. Yes, before you know it, the ploughs will be put on to the graders to make the roads more passable.


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