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Condolences again this week to the Klassen and Haryung families. Janette Klassen recently passed away after a stroke. Her partner, Dwayne Haryung from Rabbit Lake, and her sons will miss her. She was active in may functions in the area. Her son Laurie and she lived near Mayfair 35 years ago and Laurie attended Mayfair School.

Rabbit Lake Library is wanting empty DVD cases. If you have any to spare please call 306-824-7079. They are willing to purchase them.

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Rose Gill Lodge sponsors Kaiser tournaments as fundraisers. Admission is only $10 for an entertaining evening. There was a tournament Feb. 11 at 7 p.m., but check with Joan Dzialo or Crystal Dietz-Wright. There are always prizes and lunch.

Jean, owner of Rabbit Lake Hotel, hosted a successful Super Bowl Sunday supper with Becky Burger and beer for $10.

One hundred school tickets are expected to be sold this week in a popular fundraiser for Medstead School. Tickets are available from Medstead School, Hometown Grocers, Ubettcha Tavern, Innovation Credit Union Cavalier Agro, Rabbit Lake Hotel, Glaslyn Agencies and L & M Wood Products. One lucky winner will walk away with some extra spending money.

Ryan Woloshyn and Melissa Olninyk recently vacationed at a Dominican Republic resort. They enjoyed their one-week holiday while her mom, Barbara Pardis from North Battleford, stayed at the farm to babysit her three-year-old grandson, a dog and cats.

David Woloshyn was gone for nine days to Yuma, Ariz. to do some visiting and sightseeing in and around the area. He visited some of Elaine’s relatives at a “cousins” breakfast. He also visited John Iwanchuk from Saskatoon, who lives in a 55-plus trailer court for a few winter months. John grew up on a farm near Whitkow and the two of them haven’t seen one another in awhile. His sister-in-law Eva from North Battleford is in the same trailer park.

David and I drove to Lake Havasu to see the original London Bridge, which was erected over the Colorado River in the early 1960s. Settlers to Lake Havasu City did not come by stagecoach, but by airplane. It was developed by entrepreneur and chainsaw manufacturer Robert P. McCulloch. This businessman was drawn to the desert as he sought a spot to test outboard boat engines. A friend, C.V Wood, designer of Disneyland, and he developed the city, which was officially established in 1963. The city hosts a wide array of festivals, taking advantage of the warm climate.

We took part in a Zodiac boat tour where we learned more history of Lake Havasu.

A stop at Algondanes just across the border in Mexico took most of the day. Vendors were busy hawking their wares with lively negotiations a part of each transaction.


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