Meota quilters looking for new members at the lake

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I’m not home yet to get results of Norwegian whist played Oct. 11, or Canasta on Oct. 4, but will have them for you next week. Canasta will be played again Oct. 18, at the Do Drop In at 7 p.m.

Our drive Sunday from McBride to Wetaskiwin was most interesting. It was raining when we left McBride and as we passed through the mountains it was snowing a bit, no slush though.

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We saw no animals going west but coming back through the Jasper area there were half a dozen elk near town, then there were herds of goats and sheep and more elk alongside the road. Folks were stopping to take pictures and we took a few. Lunchtime in Jasper also was interesting as people were walking everywhere, many tourists, of course, including from other countries, many in parkas and some with umbrellas. Parking near downtown is impossible so, yes, people are walking!

The Meota Hall Management Board is a group of eight volunteers who look after the upkeep and management of the Community Complex. There are currently two vacancies. If you have the time and interest to help out, call Irene Caslor at 306-441-4191.

The Meota Quilters have a quilt on display at the Credit Union where you can also purchase tickets, or from most businesses in the village. The quilters meet on Mondays in the quilting room in the big hall and are always looking for new members to help out or bring new ideas and learn from their elders. Final date to purchase tickets will be the night of the Meota Fall Supper on Nov. 3, after which it will be drawn for.  

The Fall Supper sponsored by the Catholic Churches of Vawn, Meota, Edam and Jackfish is being held in the Meota Community Complex on Nov. 3, 5-7 p.m.

Duplicate bridge was played in the Pioneer Hall in the city Oct. 8 with top score going to Alli Hawryliw and Gloria Fehr followed by Norma Asmus and Jane Groves, then Jeannine Beloin and Randy Becker. Oct. 10 saw top score go to Mary Phelps and Gerry Craig, then Vern Iverson and David Sharpe and third were Margaret Dyck and Dave Creegan.

Our visit with Bernice (Pearson) Sparkes went well. She still lives in her own house, but gets a lot of help with the grass cutting, tree trimming and taking up of her garden,. She is still the same independent person she always was. Four days with my son Gordon was nice, but he worked at something most days besides his job at the planer mill in Smithers. Since we left, his wife Shelley has had a heart attack so was flown down to Vancouver where she is being cared for.

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