New staff welcomed at H. Hardcastle School

School got back underway with a general assembly during the second class of the day, Sept. 4, where the SRC outlined their plans for the school activities this year. New staff and students were welcomed with a game for the new staff. They were to name the articles under a series of garbage cans on a table and, once a rhythm was established, they were surprised by a student's head under the second-last can. This is always a fun initiation.

This year the new staff members welcomed are as follows. Michael Lee, our new principal, comes to us from Ontario and will be the Grade 8 homeroom teacher, as well as teaching Grade 6-9 health. Angela Csiki also comes to us from Ontario and replaces Marilyn Russett in the special education department. Tanith Wallebeck takes over the home ec department as well as ELA 7, 8, 10 and 11. Tanith hails from Nova Scotia.

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There is also an intern teacher this semester; former student of HHS Cherelle Cadrain will be following Lorne Long until Christmas. Another change in the staff this year is Jolene Sittler assuming the position of wellness co-ordinator.

New students joining the ranks are: in Grade 11, Tristen Derenoski and Berlin Sinclair-Sommerfeld; in Grade 10, Chelsea Hamel and Morgan Meriam; in Grade 7, Sabrina Froese and Donald Meriam; in Grade 6, Trinity Froese; in Grade 3, Ziyal Sommerfeld and Kodi Harty; and in Grade 1, Annie (Anastasia) Froese and Yeats Sommerfeld.

The date for the annual HHS Terry Fox run/walk will be held Sept. 26 at 11:15 a.m., followed by a community appreciation barbecue sponsored by the SRC. All are welcome to come out and participate with the students that day, enjoy a burger and meet the new staff.

The Junior Lady Royals held their home volleyball tournament on the weekend of Sept. 8 with five teams taking part. Schools from Turtleford, Loon Lake, Macklin, John Paul and Edam took part. As always this is not a tournament that decided a top of the heap but is to give these young players tournament experience. Hats off to the teams that took part, the officials who helped make the day a success and the parents who volunteered their time to run the canteen.

Congratulations to the trip of the month winner for August, Bert Corbeil. Bill and Bernie Roach won the $100.

The committee of the Mervin Memories book held their meeting Sept. 10. A reprint of the original Mervin Memories is strongly indicated and the committee would like hear from all who are interested in purchasing a copy. A deposit will be required. There is also a very strong possibility of an updated volume, Mervin Memories; The Next Generation, being in the works. For more information contact Trudy Woof at 845-3737.

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