New tower improves rural cellphone service

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What we all took for granted 15 months ago was suddenly taken away and there has been hardship worldwide. Things are slowly changing and that is certainly a welcome sign. Nothing like seeing smiling faces and receiving hugs and contact.

Cellphone service is not as frustrating now a new tower was erected northeast of Mayfair. The RM of Meeting Lake once had a dead spot and now the coverage is phenomenal. The service was long awaited by the farming community and anyone passing through the area. This even assists consistent cell service as far as Lac la Peche near Blaine Lake.

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Vic Kuffert is the Pioneer Hi Bred dealer in Mullingar country, causing him to work extra-long hours. He always has a crop tour in August with an agrologist and territory manager in attendance. Farmers’ plots are closely monitored for progress and the results are recorded. Mind you, the weather plays a major role as to the outcome.

There is to be a doubleheader country music show at Rabbit Lake community hall on Friday, June 25, starring a promising young entertainer Brandon P. Alexson and internationally known recording artists Blue Country Boys. Anyone wanting to hear country classic and older rock and roll will not want to miss this event. Advance tickets are available until June 23 at $25 for adults and $5 for 10 to 15 years old. Tickets at the door are $30. Call Jim Tomkins at 306-841-7181.

Highway 378 is driveable thanks to a hard-working Ministry of Highways crew. The permafrost plays havoc with the asphalt creating large cracks and holes and sometimes the hazards are unavoidable. Did you ever wonder why a person spends a little more money on wheel alignments?

Farmers are diligently checking for flea beetles in the canola fields this time of the year. These little critters can destroy a crop within a couple of days.

I hired TC Landscaping from Denholm to take down old hazardous trees and trim branches from the live ones. With the horrific winds one has to pick up all the twigs and branches before mowing the grass, which takes up a lot if time. In the process they discovered a well-preserved birds’ next that is now a conversation piece on my patio table.

The Ag in Motion farm show will be a virtual one June 16 and 17. Last year’s show was almost all organized when COVID struck and was obviously cancelled, disappointing many farmers . This event is hosted west of Langham on Highway 16. The 2022 show should return to normal with displays of machinery and newly invented gear.

With this past weekend’s good amount of precipitation everyone is wearing a smile. The countryside is lush looking and the wildlife are enjoying this also. Green is the colour ‑ isn’t this part of a Saskatchewan Roughriders advertisement? Football is gearing up for September according to Scott Moe and so are many of other events undergoing last-minute planning. People will attend, because that’s what summer is all about. Campsites are filling up and RV businesses are booming.

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