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The Western Development Museum has started up its Friday workshop bees for the gas tractor volunteers to get together and get all those little jobs done up. A new project has started to make three new outdoor bleacher sets for the museum’s summer activities. They need more seating for all the watchers. A big thank you goes out to those volunteers who show up. The museum also welcomes new members to join us.

Get well wishes go out to a number of residents at Battleford West Place as they are dealing with a few different health problems. All the best goes out to you all.

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All eyes were on the sky on Jan. 20, 2019, to watch the eclipse of the moon. Called the Blood Red Super Moon, it was to be seen in many areas all over the world if their skies were clear. The sun cast a shadow over the moon as they passed in orbit. The moon was at its brightest and close to the earth. Our skies were clear and we got a good view of it all. It started around 10 p.m. and lasted for an hour or so. It will be two years before we see the next eclipse.

January is the month for all the farm progress shows that bring interested farmers from all parts of the world to see all the new advanced equipment. There are lots of seminars and clinics for the farmers to take part in. They like to get all the up to date information on the new super size digital farm machinery. They can also find lots of new information on all the types of new grains to seed. The bigger farmers have been advancing so quickly in the past few years that there are not too many small farmers left. A lot of them are into their senior years and are selling their farms as they have no family interested in continuing the farm life. Farming is a big business now and expensive to operate. I’m afraid the good old farming days and farms are a thing of the past. It still brings back many great memories for the better part of us. It’s so sad to see the younger generations are just not aware of what farming is like, but we seniors remember it all.

Weather watchers will be watching the weather about us on Feb. 2 as it’s Groundhog Day – a day we think tells us all what to expect in the next month or so. If the groundhog sees his shadow, spring is at least six weeks away. If he does not see his shadow, winter is near over and spring will be here soon. But it always seems in this area we get even a little more than six weeks away. Our winter season just seems to hang on longer.

We are hopefully ending a nasty little cold spell, more winds and more light snow to blow about. We are ever so lucky again not to get what eastern Canada is fighting with. Maybe yet our turn is coming. Some good rains in April and May would be better than a lot of snowfall now.

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