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Get well wishes go out to my husband, Stanley Mills, after his slip on icy packed snow on his way to volunteer at a weekday bee to work on antique gas tractors at the Western Development Museum. He spent a week in hospital as he received a hairline crack in his pelvis. He is home now recuperating with the help of a walker. It will be a slow healing process. No driving for a few weeks. He goes out to spend time other tenants and friends at coffee row in the common room each day. It does help to use up the time for him.

Get well wishes also go out to various other tenants of Bridge Road condos (Battleford West Place) as they are having health problems. I will not mention all their names. It’s too bad we all have to get old. Good luck to you all and take care.

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The Western Development Museum in North Battleford has been busy with their weekly work bees for the antique gas tractors and stationary engines. Gradually they are fixing, cleaning and putting parts on before getting them all tuned up to run. Some of them will be used in the upcoming museum activities. A thank you goes out to all the volunteers who have been coming to spend time at the museum. It all helps out.

The museum still welcomes new members to join in. Many are now getting older and not able to do as much volunteering as they used to do. It’s so nice to see a few younger ones taking part and learning what the old farming days were like compared with modern day farms. There have been so many big changes.

We have certainly gone through a long spell of frigid cold weather. It does remind us all of the long cold days we had back in our school days. But some of the days seemed to be much colder. Sounds like the ending is coming, at least it may warm up a little more. There has not been too much more snowfall to battle with, but it is still very icy in shaded areas of some streets, roads and highways. Some parking lots are very slippery. It would be nice to see more warm sunny days. We are all looking forward to the warm spring days. Our extra daylight hours are advancing more each day.

Soon, we’ll have this month’s full moon. This is the last month of the super moon. The closest the moon has been to earth in January-February-March. Hopefully the skies will be clear to see it.

Daylight saving time is back again until it changes again in the late fall. Our area is luck not to have to change back and forth each year. Now all we have to do is get used to t changes in time with all the TV programs. When the time change first started up it used to be called “fast time” and was so confusing for some people to get used to it. It would be nice to see all the time zones stay put as they used to. Just take it as it comes each fall and spring season.

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