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The Western Development Museum in North Battleford is keeping busy with their antique gas tractors and engines work bees. Due to the spring fieldwork, there are fewer volunteers as they are all too busy on the farm to come to the bee, but they will all be back to volunteer again soon. A big thank you goes to all the volunteers who do come. Any volunteers are welcome as there is always something to be done.

A grand opening to unveil the old 1158 steam train engine was held May 17. There was a good turnout and now everyone can see what was happening under the big white tent. It’s a shame to say the old steam train will never run again. It does draw in many tourists to look.

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The big tent has been moved farther over into the museum grounds for more stage room for some antique machinery.

The month of May brings the Victoria Day weekend. All the campgrounds did fill up fast. The highways and roads have been busy with all the extra traffic of campers, boats and motor homes.

Also beware of the wildlife about. At this time of year the black bears have just come out of their hibernation and they are hungry as there is not too much about for them to feed on. They will likely have their cute little baby cubs with them. Just try to keep away from them as their mother will be close by. Most parks have good hiking trails to follow through the treed areas of the park. Walk in groups and not alone. Wear brightly coloured clothing and make lots of noise. Bears have a good sense of smell and will be scouting out around the campsites for easy-to-get free food. Just make sure your food is well out of their reach and tightly covered.

Besides the bears, there are many more wild animals about. They will likely have their news spring babies with them. Some are quiet and are not afraid of people.  Best to just leave them all alone as their mothers are not too far off. Wildlife are not good for pets. Keep a good eye on your own pets and watch for the nasty tikes. They will be out in full force.

Most of the greenhouses and nurseries are open for the sale of bedding plants, roots, bulbs, shrubs and little trees. It is sad to see the Greenery Greenhouse in Battleford no longer operating. It will likely be missed by a lot of the local green thumbs. The weather is not playing the game to set out some kinds of bedding plants. They will need to be covered these cool nights of near or even frost. Garden planting will be in full swing now. We need some much warmer sunny days to warm the soil. Some seeds planted in the cool damp soil will rot before they germinate. It’s all a guessing game. Good luck to all the planters.

Farmers are all busy seeding their new crops. A few did get their seeding all done and some of the first seeded are showing new green growth. A few hit and miss rain showers did freshen up the green leaves on the trees and shrubs and the green grass Being a late cool spring and not much moisture in April, May is near the end and still not much moisture.

There is a mass of yellow dandelion flowers. They seem to like the dry cool weather. They are ever so hard to kill. They now have spread all over the laws, grass areas and even in the farmers’ fields. They seem to be all across Canada. Sometimes they are used as a source of food. So many places they are a pest. Soon the fluff and more seeds will spread in the wind. The bees like them as they are about the first plants to flowers. The seasons are changing and it does bring out the little black flies and mosquitoes.

Tenants of Bridge Road Condos, Don and Beverly Beggs, recently moved to a senior home in Wilkie. Good luck with your move and new home. You will be missed.

The residents of Battleford and rural areas are all so pleased to see a new food and drug store open up where the old Super A used to be. Discovery Co-op opened up the new store on May 16 with a barbecue with all the funds going to the Battleford Volunteer Fire Department. Since it opened, it has been a very busy area.

It’s not every day we get to have the prime minister of Canada in the local area. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was at the Cut Knife Hill dealing with the matters that had taken place in 1885 with Chief Poundmaker. There was a good turnout of people attending the ceremony.

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