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The North Battleford Western Development Museum had another busy work bee. They are still working on antique gas stationary engines and tractors getting ready for Those Were The Days in August. The volunteer association members plus the museum staff will be holding a meeting on Friday, June 28, to get all these plans made for the upcoming Those Were The Days in August. 

After watching the skies for days the weather patterns did change with a low pressure system on the move to bring some good rain falls, quick little thunder storms and downpours, but nothing too much to do any crop damage. It was like magic to see all the crops and gardens green up so fast. Due to the long dry growing season the crops are a little slow at getting started. Farmers are all busy spraying their crops for various insects and the weeds. Hay season will likely be a little late. The rainfall was so welcome on the hay field and the pasture land. Some areas get a lot of rain while others not so much. It was spotty. School is out for another season and for the next two months. It will be a well needed break for all the students, teachers and school bus drivers. Back to school in September to go into a new grade with new teachers.

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There is a lot of wild life close to the town and city of North Battleford. It’s not rare to see the white tail deer, but a little strange to see the pronghorns (antelope) about. After you see the moose near the Finlayson Island and the river valley marshland near the bridge and highway just keep an eye out for them while driving. There is a lot of different wildlife always on the move. They do move quickly, so take care.

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