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Threshing day was held at the Western Development Museum in North Battleford on Friday, Sept. 27, attended by approximately 250 Grade 4 students, plus their teachers, from the local area.

The indoor agenda got started at 10 a.m. with a flour mill demonstration followed by the grist and foot mill. A grain exploration station with grain samples was found at the elevator. There was a demonstration in the office, with the stationary engine running, and a grain truck loaded with grain. There was also an insect and harvest presentation for all to see.

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At noon, the museum cooks had prepared a big pot of chili, with garlic toast and ice cream, for all the volunteers and staff.

In the afternoon, the field agenda began at 1 p.m. with sickle and scythe plus the cradle scythe used to harvest the old way from the 1920s, with hand tools and manpower.

Then came the reaper and on to the binder, using horsepower. There was also some stooking, a flail and winnowing demonstration and a treadmill running with horse power as well.

Rain made the field too muddy for the heavy steam engine to run the threshing machines, so it was replaced by a gas-operated tractor. The horses pulled bundle wagons, then came the John Deere Clipper combine and one of the local farm machinery dealerships had a big modern day combine to end this rushing.

The students and teachers had all sorts of questions regarding the threshing machine. It was a good learning time for them all. The volunteers were close by to help with their questions. They all went away happy.

A big thank you goes out to museum staff for all the planning and putting the day’s program together, and a special thank you to all the volunteers.

A few repairs and clean up had to be done before everything got put in storage to and that part of the museum’s program until next year.

The Friday work bees for the volunteers will continue.

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