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The Western Development Museum in North Battleford just received another generous donation from Lloyd How of Caleb Village, formerly from Cut Knife. A few years ago he also donated a whole collection of his little handmade models of a little village and farmyard items. The museum has set up the collection each year for Those Were the Days. Much of it is fragile, being wooden-built items with a lot of working parts. Lloyd is 93 years old and keeps on building as a hobby. He no longer drives and relies on his friend Alvin to drive him and wherever he needs to go.

Work bed Fridays at the WDM keep going with some volunteers coming. They keep busy with many antique vehicles. A few of them have not been able to be there as they were busy helping with the harvest.

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The museum employees and workers have been busy setting up for Halloween events set for Oct. 25, 26, 29 and 30. After that is all cleared away, then comes the Christmas Light Up the Village for another prairie Christmas. The volunteers are already busy getting a few things put together, ready to set up before the cold weather hits. There are already things being set up outside ready to decorate.

The Battleford Fire Department just held a fire drill for all the residents of Bridge Road Condos. They will come back later to check all the smoke detectors. From time to time there will be more checking.

Our fall weather has not been the best for all the farmers trying to do their harvesting. The season is now getting late, but there are still a lot of fields yet to be combined. It has been slow going due to the weather. So far we have missed heavy snowfalls. Some of the grain is in very poor condition due to sprouting in the fields. There has been a lot of tough grain that has to be dried before storage. The past few days, the weather has not been too bad, lots of cold frosty mornings. Let’s hope it holds for a while yet to let the farmers finish harvesting.

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