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By Sherri Solomko

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As we enter into April, a month of spring promise and past the tomfoolery of April Fool’s, we continue to try to manage our “new normal” in the COVID-19 crisis.

Unity is much quieter without the bustle of one sports season ending and another beginning, without school kids on the go and without events and activities taking place.

Resilience, kindness and caring are some words that come to mind. The local co-op has offered free delivery to those in need including free prescription delivery, amongst many other things to help reduce traffic in stores. High School students now out of school have offered babysitting services for working parents who had no options.

The Northwest Terminal unveiled a new logo and name for their alcohol division, now known as NW Pure alcohol and spirits. They have applied to manufacture hand sanitizer as well.

Chase the Ace was won at the last event held March 18 when the Lions decided they could no longer continue the lotto.

The Sask. Weekly Newspaper awards include several finalists from the Unity-Wilkie Press Herald. Helena Long, Louise Robson and Sherri Solomko will wait until September awards ceremony to see if they will be winners in their respective categories.

The Unity miners named their season awards winners. Playoff MVP was Dax Desmarais; regular season MVP, Jake McMillan; best defenseman, Declan Desmarias; sportmanship, Reed Delainey; best defensive forward, Kristain St. Onge; most improved, Ethan Scherr; rookie of the year, Brandt Bertoia; and top scorer, Jake McMillan. Alex David was acknowledged for perseverance and dedication.

The Unity museum is posting various artifacts online weekly and asking students to submit what they think or know it is. Or students can write how this artifact was used, or they can write or draw what their favorite part of the museum is.

Schools and the school division continue to come up with a plan for students at home with online learning options available, with potential online classes being available. Keep these folks in mind as there has been a ton of changes to their life both professionally and personally since the wise decision was made to close the schools.

Did you watch Unity’s online celebration of music? This was an amazing gesture for both performer and performance enjoyer. A big shout out to the gal that organized this activity as well as the performers who chose to participate.

With the Courtesy Car now suspending service, volunteers are being sought to assist seniors with their supply needs that relied on this service.

Here’s hoping this finds you all safe, healthy and socially distanced. Until next week...

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