Pandemic will make Xmas 2020 one to remember

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COVID-19 is at the forefront again, with tougher rules being issued by the provincial government. It is wise to follow these guidelines, so perhaps when they are reviewed in 28 days our households might be able to have more than five people. I say “maybe” because the rates must fall below the five per cent mark the government has named. The whole situation is going to make Christmas 2020 one we won’t soon forget.

Condolences to Mayfair people Skip (Linda) Magowan and Cindy (Erin) Lavellee on the loss of their mother Toots Magowan who recently passed away. She was a resident of River Heights Lodge in North Battleford as her health was deteriorating. Toots and her long-deceased husband farmed near Alticane for many years. She had seem many changes during her long life, working hard on the farm with no running water other and “running” to the well and working by daylight and coal oil lamps in the evening. Toots loved to play cards. She was a challenging and fun-hearted player. Her other family members live farther away.

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I recently returned from the United States and completed my 14-day quarantine. I thoroughly enjoyed being by myself. While away I had the opportunity to visit some American friends in Montana and we drove to Yuma, Ariz. after touring northern Montana for several days. The purpose of my trip was two-fold: business and medical.

The weather co-operated and it took us four days travelling to our destination after touring Lewis and Clark National Forest, Fort Peck and Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. The monument was extremely interesting, chronicling the history of Custer’s last stand versus Native North Americans in 1876.

Montana is one of the largest U.S. states and the landscape varies from dry ranch land with steep terrain to mountains, lakes, rivers, swamps and richer farm land. I’ve travelled through that state three other times, but never had time to do touristy things. The downside on the touring was most tourist attractions closed early due to COVID-19. Montana is a Spanish word meaning mountainous. Its skies vary ever day from peacock blue to turquoise and azure.

The RM of Meeting Lake has the following on council: Reeve Randy Aumack; councillors - Frank Prystupa, Earl Holmes, Rick Taylor, Jim Allchurch, Dave Penley and Jack Pool. The administrator is Janelle Lavallee. She was served for 13 years.

Arnold Nesseth, retired farmer from Mayfair, is reported to be doing well living at River Heights Lodge, but hates being in lockdown because of the pandemic. This is the second time residents in seniors’ care homes are experiencing isolation from loved ones, which is difficult for them. Arnold’s two sons, Aaron (Pam) of Mayfair and Nigel and wife from Red Deer, Alta. call him frequently.

Farmers as busy travelling on the grid roads and highways delivering grain to the terminals, so please be aware of their semis. Warmer weather makes their work easier.

As I write this, some of our guys are tagging and trying to move the bison closer to home. While somewhat tame, these animals can be dangerous and can turn on someone trying to herd them. When upset these large animals have been known to charge our half- and three-quarter-ton trucks, and those involved must have eyes everywhere. Thankfully, we are all still alive.

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