Pickleball breaks ground in Wilkie

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When Wilkie signed a two-year contract with Saskatchewanin motion the commitment was to get people more active, more often.

A survey within the community and in schools proved to be valuable. Wilkie in motionheard what adults and children wanted. A symposium with people of all ages in the community was held at the Saskcan Community Center with Saskatchewan in motionspeakers.

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From there Wilkie in motion, held an information and registration evening with 41 tables plus another 10 signup sheets from sports clubs, service clubs and other groups, showing the diversity of activity for all ages. Included in the evening were groups from outside the area who offered activities that might be of interest to people.

One of the many opportunties present there was pickleball.

Wilkiein motionwas approached by a community member who mentioned pickleball. I had no idea what it was, but in talking to various community members and searching on the Iinternet, I learned this sport is for all ages and it is growing in popularity.

Pickleball combines the sports of badminton, tennis and table tennis, with two or four players using paddles made of wood or composite materials. The ball resembles a whiffle ball.

Charlotte Hartter, an in motionmember, was put in charge of arranging a demonstration workshop Sept. 19 at Norman Carter School. Battlefords Pickleball Club member Val Etcheverry and her husband Gil came with equipment. What made the workshop special was that Val also came with a special gift for the newly formed Wilkie Pickleball Club.

She presented a net with a frame and an extra net, four paddles, 10 balls and a rule book to get the club started. This was provided through the Saskatchewan Pickleball Association and the New Horizons grant. Fifty rural communities were eligible to receive the startup kit.




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