Prizes won at Borden Co-op's garage sale

The Borden Co-op held a new manager's garage sale at the hardware store, Aug. 13, with many specials and prizes and the Borden Dance Club held a barbecue throughout the day. Winning door prizes were Lorne Hunchak, Gil Gerster and Lorraine Lajoie. Kids' prizes were won by Sadie Funk, Liam Faith and Casey Wensley. Closest to guessing the suckers in the jar was Lorraine Olinyk with a guess of 47 (48 in the jar), and the rocket candy guess was won by Rhonda Funk who was right on at 60. Sadie Funk won a large cinnamon bear in the Name the Bear Contest.

A bridal shower to honour Ashley Elliot was held Aug. 14 in the Borden Senior's room. Ashley was married to Carter Mcisaac, Aug. 6, in Cardigan, P.E.I. While in P.E.I., Ashley's dad, Earle Elliot, suffered a stroke and is in hospital in Charlottetown. Ashley's mom, Jan, is staying with Earle until he can fly home.

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Linda Dyck as emcee introduced the head table - new bride Ashley, Natalie Stevenson who is engaged to Colin Elliot and Ashleigh Mason-Elliot (Ryan). Ryan and Colin are Ashley's brothers, who she competed with as she grew up - school at Borden, sports, 4-H, figure skating and cattle showing.

Ashley spent a year in New Zealand and Australia working on farms and then returned and took a massage course. She now drives a water truck in the oil patch and she and Carter will be living at Brooks, Alta.

Kandice Walker had a game about famous couples and Mary Saunders had 18 questions on name that local family. Clues were given from which the guests had to guess the last name of the family in the Borden area. The community cash gift and wrapped gifts were presented to Ashley who opened them. The gifts were then passed around. Ashley thanked everyone for all the lovely gifts and Mary, Linda and Sylvia Larsen for arranging the shower. Then everyone enjoyed punch with fruit, veggies and dainties.

A farm auction was held Aug. 13 for Roman and Shirley Litwin of Saskatoon who have sold their farm northeast of Borden to Lynn Sauve and Ken Ward, who are now living there and have a number of horses. Ken's uncle Johnny Ward lived in Radisson for a number of years.

Partial results of the Radisson Fair Gymkhana Aug. 6 are as follows. Junior walk and lead: first, Katie Dust; second, Rylea Denomy; third, Rayna Yaseniuk. Peewee walk and lead: first, Savannah Sutherland; second, Kendal Venne; third, Taryn Hanley. Peewee barrel race: first, Kendal Venne; second, Taryn Hanley; third, Spencer Thiessen. Senior barrel race: first, Nelda Swystun; second, Amber Merkowsky; third, Earl Kieper. Intermediate barrel race: first, Mykala Bouttcher; second, Mykala; third, Codie Yaseniuk. Junior barrel race: first, Rylea Denomy; second, S. Sparrow; third, Baylie Yaseniuk. Senior pole bending: first, Brandi Brasseau; second, Earl Kieper; third, Brandi Brasseau (second horse). Intermediate pole bending: first, Codie Yaseniuk; second, Mykala. Junior pole bending: first, Rylea Denomy; second, Katie Dust; third, Baylie Yaseniuk. Peewee pole bending: first, Colton Hanley; second, Taryn Hanley. Hide race: first, Tell Kieper; second, Lyle Hanley; third, Rayna Yaseniuk. Jackpot barrel racing: first, Brandi Brasseau; second; Brandi Brasseau (second horse); third, Nelda Swystun.

Senior high point winner was Earl Kieper, intermediate was Codie Yaseniuk and junior was Rylea Denomy. The peewee high point winner was Colton Hanley who also won cash for being the youngest competitor in the gymkhana.

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