Quilters gather in Rabbit Lake for retreat

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How come the day becomes dark before my work is done? There is no doubt that the days are getting shorter and it was almost magical to see the harvest lights dotting the fields between North Battleford and Rabbit Lake as harvesters worked into the late night! Let farmers know how much they are appreciated as food producers for a growing global population. Our hope is that harvest can progress quickly and safely.

When the seasons change, they change fast. From above 30- degree temperatures in August to -5- degree nights in early September the countryside has changed remarkably.

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Aug. 21 and 22 saw 19 ladies gather at the Rabbit Lake Community Hall for a closed to the public quilting retreat. Unlike other years local residents were not able to drop in to view the phenomenal artistry due to Covid 19 restrictions. Quilters came from Saskatoon, North Battleford, Meadow Lake, Spiritwood, Big River and Rabbit Lake. Hopefully next year the retreat can return to its former format.

After the retirement of Carol Rohl as Rabbit Lake postmistress, some time passed before her replacement could the secured. Thanks to Brandy Swistun, Collette Cooper and Holly French for filling in as casuals until the new postmistress could begin work. Welcome to the Rabbit Lake post office, Miranda Egeland. Miranda is from Medstead and commutes daily to Rabbit Lake.

Some years ago, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Rabbit Lake was closed and the property taken over by a non profit group called the Rabbit Lake Lutheran Church Society, Inc. The members of this board were Karen Kuffert, Cindy Miller, Jeanette Krelow, Al Richter (for a time) and the late Janette Klaassen. This summer the former church was sold as a private residence. The proceeds from the sale was distributed to various not for profit organizations within the community. The Rabbit Lake Community Hall, the Rabbit Lake and District Museum and the Rabbit Lake Senior Sunrise Circle each received $800. The Rose Gill Lodge resident’s fund received $1,000 and Rose Gill Lodge received $5,256.74. The community thanks the Lutheran Church Society for their generous donations.

As autumn dawns, so do the activities in the community. Over the summer we have enjoyed an open air market featuring and array of vendors. Thanks to Joan Dzialo for her inspiration in getting the market established. Next year it will be bigger than ever. Although it was intended to operate until the end of September the cold weather determined that it close as of Sept. 12. In addition to the market the Rabbit Lake Seniors opened their doors so that market goers could buy a coffee and take some time to visit neighbours. This coffee session is in addition to the Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning and afternoon coffee rows at the seniors. Beginning on Sept. 16 and continuing until spring the senior center will be open from 7 to 9 p.m. for people to socialize over various games and activities. So, if you like to play pool, or Kaiser or Canasta, Mexican train or any other choice drop in and have some fun.

Once again, Rabbit Lake will have entertainers providing music and JK Kitchen will be preparing supper as the “Blue Sky Boys” come to the community. Due to Covid restrictions, a limited number of tickets will be available for the supper and the musical evening on Sept. 26. Contact Jim Tomkins for complete details.

Cowboy church has resumed on the first and third Fridays of the month and are once again being held at the Rabbit Lake Community Hall.

We all know that Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, but what did 87-year-old Peter Pawlivsky do? Peter Pawlivsky did not pick peppers but he did pickle carrots! If fact he packed 20 good sized jars with carrots and dill and garlic from his garden.

On Monday, Sept. 14, friends gathered at the seniors’ hall, not for the regular Monday morning coffee, but rather to gather to extend best wishes to Henry Konopelski, who, on Sept. 13, turned 95 years old.  Henry and Mary drive in to Rabbit Lake to enjoy coffee with friends each day that coffee is available winter and summer. I remember last year, on Henry’s 94 birthday, he entered the seniors and said, “Good morning my young friends!” This year the community joins in saying to Henry, “Happy Birthday, our old friend and neighbour!”

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