Rabbit Lake takes turkey season seriously

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Another year passes… the days are getting longer… the temperatures stay decent. How much better can 2019 get!

December was a busy month! It started with the community Christmas supper Dec. 2, sponsored by the Rabbit Lake Community Hall Board. Approximately 100 people enjoyed the deep-fried turkey and homemade perogies.

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The following day the Rabbit Lake Senior Sunrise Circle held the annual turkey shoot. A good crowd came to the hall to shoot and a good group came to the seniors’ hall for a bingo and chili supper convened by the Rabbit Lake Quilting group. 

On Dec. 11 the Rabbit Lake Housing Authority hosted a tenant supper and on Dec. 9 the Rabbit Lake Senior Sunrise Circle held its annual seniors’ Christmas supper. The seniors’ hall was packed. After the supper Elmer Lammaddee entertained the group with an evening of Country Christmas music. 

On Dec. 20 the Rabbit Lake Hoffnungsfelder Mennonite Ladies Aid held its supper at the seniors’ center. All in all it was good eating for people of our community… not so great for the turkeys!

December also saw a business change on main street. Terri Solohub has opened her Backroads Café in the location that was formally the Rabbit Lake Café operated by Dave Plummer. It is great to see business continue in such a small community.

The Rabbit Lake Library continues to provide programming for the community. Kaiser and canasta has begun on Monday afternoons. Funds to fund programs are derived from fundraisers. The dessert of the month for November was won by Brian Cross and for December by John Krahn. The annual January Kaiser tournament will be held Jan. 25 at the community hall.

Cowboy church continues on the first and third Fridays at the community hall.

The Rabbit Lake Senior Sunrise Circle and the Rabbit Lake Community Hall Board will again host the monthly music evenings. Jan. 11 will feature Mykal  Gamble, Feb. 22 T.D. Christopher, March 22 the Amundson Family and April 26 Terri-Anne Strongarm.

The Rabbit Lake and District Agricultural Association will be holding the annual snowmobile rally on March 2. This is always a great time.  Snowmobiles have been buzzing around over the holidays and the warmer weather is making it more fun.

After many years of service as village councillor, and village mayor, and more recently as chairperson of the Rabbit Lake Advisory Committee, Don Unger has retired. The RM of Round Hill has selected the advisory committee for 2019 which will be made up of Curtis McNabb, Murray MacDonald and Alan Laughlin. Cameron MacDonald is the Division 4 councillor.

Get well wishes go to Rose Moore who has been unwell. Several people in the community are fighting colds and the flu. It will be great when everyone is well again.

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