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A baby shower was held Aug. 9 at the farm home of Bruce and Sylvia Larsen to honour Logan William Larsen, son of Brett and Jessica and grandson for Bruce and Sylvia. Over 20 guests enjoyed playing The Price is Right. You had to guess the price of 10 baby items and there were three winners who guessed closest to the total. Everyone enjoyed a light lunch of finger foods, cheese and fruit and Jessica began opening the many gifts for Logan. After they were all opened and viewed, Jessica thanked everyone for coming and all the great gifts. Brett and Jessica are having a new home built on their land a mile out of Borden and will be living here once it is completed. Right now they are in Saskatoon and Brett commutes to the farm at Borden.

The Borden Museum held their first Adventures at the Museum on Aug. 10 with Stew Walton and Rick Roschuk demonstrating different techniques of roping. Lew Wall demonstrated branding. They showed how to loop the rope, using either a 40 or 60 foot lariat, talked about jerking the slack, different stiffnesses of ropes, reverse twirling, dally rope and showed how to be a header or heeler when roping. Always make sure you keep your thumb or finger out of the rope around the saddle horn or you could lose it. They both work for Walkers who have around 1,000 cows and 900 calves, which Rick checks daily, and Stew helps out when they brand, dehorn, etc.  After the demo, beverages and snacks were served to those present.

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Savannah Sutherland compete in the National Legion Track and Field event in Cape Breton, N.S. from Aug. 9 to 11 and she won gold in U18 100 metre hurdles, 400m hurdles, and with the 4x400m relay team, and silver in 4x100m relay. In long jump, she placed eighth in the finals. Congratulations, Savannah, on your medals.

The Radisson Ag Society Fair got started with the parade on Saturday morning, with RCMP Cst. Darren Stevenson leading the way in his truck and flag bearers Dale and Diane Kieper behind him on horseback. Earl and his young son Kipling followed on horseback, then MP Kelly Block and MLA Randy Weekes were in their vehicles. Following were classic cars – Barb Cousins in her white convertible, Russ Fountain and his black New Yorker and Cliff Wilkie driving his yellow Cadillac. There was Wayne Lerch with the Archaelogical Society and bicycle riders. Debbie Hembery had her Borden Hallowe’en Bash float, Radisson Repair had a decorated golf cart, and the team of Tom Pain from Saskatoon pulled a wagon. There were many horseback riders, some of them trick riders, and Lorne and Danielle from Borden on their appaloosa horses. Radisson General Store had a floral design float followed by a Discovery Co-op half ton, Degleman Rock picker and Jeremy and Melanie Flath with their JMH Equipment Repair truck. Next was the Radisson Skating Club float, Carrie Harkness from Borden had her miniature pony pulling a cart, Affinity Credit Union from Borden with a decorated car with employees walking and throwing out candy, then the Kare Ag Float and Radisson Aquatic Centre float. The Nutting Family Area 5 Aliens were next, throwing out Mardi Grad necklaces, then Lakeland Library and the Borden Dance Club float. Node Eletryk Ltd was followed by Sunridge RV motor homes, Tiki Bar and La Petit Salon float, and a parade of tractors – Farmall H, Farmall 560, MF 58 and an older Farmall driven by Daryl Amey. The RM grader was followed by the Borden Fire Department with their grass fire truck, fire and rescue vehicle, water truck and fire truck, throwing candies and spraying water, then the Radisson Fire Department with their rescue, fire and water trucks, handing out red fire helmets and candy to the kids.

Radisson Fair Exhibits Hi Point winners are: Grain Sheaves - Laura Amson; Grains for Seed - Shantel Amson; Horticulture - 1 Loretta Flath, 2 Sylvia Crabb, 3 Alison Kieper; Garden Fruits - 1 Delores Hawkins, 2 Alison Kieper, 3 John Hawkins; Domestic Arts, Canned Goods - 1 Melissa Hosegood, 2 Loretta Flath, 3 Janelle Kahovec; Baking - 1 to Linda Yuskiw (Langham), 2 Sylvia Crabb; Needlework - 1 Shirley McKellar, 2 Melanie Pain, 3 Linda Hosegood. Outdoor Flowers - 1 Darlene Kindt and Joyce Schultz, 3 Linda Yuskiw; Houseplants - 1 Julia Siebert and Laura Amson, 3 Jessica Flath; Crafts Open - 1 Angie Hamp, 2 Shirley McKellar, 3 Sydney Schmidt (Borden); Art - 1 Audrey Friesen, 2 Chris Donaldson, 3 Julia Siebert (Borden); Photography - 1 Chyanne Werezak, 2 Bill Sherlock (Maymont), 3 Melanie Pain; Junior Photography - 1 Tayvin Werezak, 2 Ward Johnson, 3 Darbi Warezak and Spencer Flath; Junior Art - 1 Ward Johnson, 2 Sydney Schmidt, 3 Julia Siebert; Junior Work Pre-school and Kindergarten - 1 Kennedy Kahovec, 2 Hannah Hamp, 3 to Riley King; 6-12 years - 1 Andrea Kahovec, 2 Nathan King, 3 Carter Miller (Langham); 13 to 17 years - 1 Ward Johnson, 2 Lucy Stobbe, 3 Karter Johnson; School Work – Kindergarten – 1 Hannah Hamp, 2 Jeht Flath, 3 Jesse Siebert (Borden); Grade 1 - 1 Katelyn Neher, 2 Nathan King, 3 Andrea Kahovec; Grade 2 - 1 Tayvin Werezak, 2 G. Schensney; Grade 3 - 1 Carter Miller (Langham), 2 Sterling Johnson, 3 Rachel Siebert (Borden); Grade 4 - 1 Justin Worona (Borden), 2 Sam Failler, 3rd Zoe Walker (Borden); Grade 5 - 1 Parker Miller (Langham); 2 Keana Lough, 3 Treyton Schmidt (Borden); Grade 6 - 1 Steele Johnson, 2 Darbi Werezak, 3 Cooper Flath.

In slo-pitch there were 14 teams and results were: A. Stott and Co over Rob Dawgs Wolfpack; B. Jagermeister defeated Great Deere; C. Big Amsons took out Little Amsons; E. Aaronators over Liquor N Doors; F. Walk it Off over Arnies Angels; G. Scared Hitless defeated the Nuttings; and in H. Master Batters defeated Grain Dryers.

St. John’s Anglican Church held a fundraiser supper for their lift at the church in the Borden Senior’s Centre on Aug. 11 with more than 50 out to enjoy sausage on a bun with salads and desserts. The room was decorated in an African theme with sandboxes on the tables holding African animals, a backdrop by the stage of ferns, hanging grass and enlarged photos taken on the trip, many souvenirs, pictures and animal figurines, spotted balloons and zebra/leopard napkins. Mary Saunders showed slides of her and Ron’s trip to Africa in late January of 2019, travelling to Victoria Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Hawanga Park, Matoba Park, Zimbawe, Botswana and many photos of all the birds, animals, tents and shelters they stayed in, travelling by four-wheel drive vehicle or boat, always with a guide. They visited a school, city and marketplaces and tasted some of the local food on their 15-day stay in Africa. They saw many elephants, zebras, rhinos, lions, leopards, a cheetah, painted dogs and lots of birds.


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