Real estate on the move again

More construction continues in Meota and Lakeview areas, and renovating continues, too. The value of all real estate has climbed and there are some “for sale” signs up again. The seniors’ housing complex will be full again as of July 1, so that is good. Garden plots have been worked up and folks have their gardens mostly planted. The rain we had earlier has everything coming up nicely and soon the potatoes will be in bloom. The grain rows are showing up nicely in the fields and with the rain this Sunday everything should be off to a good start. The farmers are smiling and we are happy for them.

Canasta was played at the Do Drop In June 4, with four tables in play. Top score went to Gail Hilderman and Bev McCrimmon. Second were Vern Iverson and Lillian Sorenco and third were Arlene Walker and Janice Morton. Everyone was happy to get out and see their friends, some not since last year.

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I was pleased to have my Chitek Lake neighbours come to visit Friday afternoon. They are Josie Reed and her daughter-in-law Natalie. We hadn’t seen one another since my birthday party here in Meota, five years ago, so it was high time we got together again. They live in Saskatoon, but have a summer home in Chitek. They found our “bottom of the lake” road better than the one to Chitek. Plans to rebuild that road next year means not much upkeep is being done. 

The bridge players have plans to become active again this week, so they are looking forward to that social event resuming Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings.

Again this summer, people are planning their holidays closer to home, as we see the movement of campers and boats steadily increasing. Some of these boats are so big it takes a crew to launch  them. There are lots of personal watercraft out  there too, stirring up the water. Don’t expect it’s too good for marine life. 

Garry and Donna Lonoway have moved from the farm southwest of Meota, to Spruce Grove, Alta., now he has retired.

Out in front of this four-plex was like a lake after the rain stopped this afternoon. It didn’t come over the sidewalk, but was level with it. So we must thank council for moving on the problem that we had before they raised that little piece of sidewalk and the water would come into this suite.

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