Record number of boats on the lake last weekend

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How disappointing the popular children's parade on July 1 in Meota could not be held. People made the best of it, with the Jennsens taking children for rides on the afternoons of two days, July 1 and 2, in the stage coach Leo has built in his shop here. 

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This weekend has seen a record number of boats and other watercraft on the lake, as the weather turned into nice summer days for holidaying at the lake. The traffic along the lakeshore road increased though, because the posts by the concession have not been replaced, creating another hazardous possibility for children in that area. The parking situation doesn't get better with trucks and boat trailers looking for a place to park, near the boat launch area. 

I'm sure most every house in the village had company for a few days, so with time we will find out how careful we were, and just hope all come through with no virus infection.

A trucker, interviewed on Facebook, told of his experience at a stop in Texas. He was involved in a minor accident, so had to go to a testing station for a drug test, which he passed. While there, six people came in with virus symptoms, for a test. They could not afford the $199 fee, so left without. No one down there was wearing a mask, and here he was exposed so directly, through no fault of his own, to the virus. He was thoroughly disgusted at their attitude. He asked the prime minister not to open the border to Americans any time soon.

I hear many venues have opened again, but I have no bridge report yet. Reports of folks at the local cafe were good and I see many folks at the concession, also. What a variety of ice creams there, it would take all summer to try them all. The one I tried ‑‑ mint with tiny chocolate  chips ‑‑ was excellent. 

Have a good summer holiday and enjoy those grandkids.

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