Record turnout for Medstead Arena Fun Day

On Sunday, March 3, the Medstead arena was host to the 2019 Family Fun Day event. A record turnout of community members gathered in the facility for a day of board games, curling and skating. Sponsored by the Saskatchewan Lotteries Grant, the festivities began at 2 p.m. and built to a potluck dinner at 5:30 p.m. The day offered free admission, with rink fees being covered for the day.

Children busied the curling area with friendly competitions and energetic play. Many joined in the hockey game that played on the east end of the rink. Figure skaters scattered about the west end of the ice as dozens enjoyed the day’s events. Many played table games and used the open concession as the crowd trickled in, bringing their dishes for the dinner.

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The Medstead Leisure Life Club hosted the event and served the crowd a wide variety of home cooked foods, from salads to casseroles. The buffet style dinner kept happy the crowd as the rinks stayed available to those who kept playing. A successful annual event, the Family Fun Day saw a record attendance, with more than 70 people enjoying table games, cold weather sports and a community dinner.


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