RM bridge project is now complete

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Are you wearing a poppy to show respect for fallen soldiers who gave up their lives so we can enjoy freedom? We live in a splendid world and every citizen is begging for peace on Earth. Obviously, over the centuries, large, bullying political groups have thought differently. Be proud and please partake in a Remembrance Day service if possible.

Get well wishes to Esther Huard (Eric) and Jenny Konopelski (Daniel). Hoping health wise, things will improve.

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Granddaughter Theresa, her husband and three children of Hinton, Alta. were guests for Thanksgiving weekend at the home of her grandparents, Rick and Valerie Taylor of Mullingar. Theresa’s parents are Priscilla and Brett Taylor who live near Leask, so they made quick visits both places.

The RM of Round Hill was in the process of converting the Craig bridge on the well-used grid from Whitkow to Highway 4 starting this past August. Large culverts were put in and this important project has been completed. Motorists had to be patient when travelling on this stretch of road. There are always many farmers’ semis using this to transport grain to the terminals near Hamlin.

In 2006, Spiritwood area realized three local brave soldiers lost their lives while serving Canada overseas ‑‑ Sgt. Shawn Eades, Sapper John Stock and Cpl. Dustin Wesden. They are among the many being remembered for their sacrifice.

Happy 46th wedding anniversary greetings to Mary and Henry Konopelski, as November is their big month. I remember attending their wedding on a cool, crisp Saturday in the old Leoville Hall. Mary celebrated her 84th birthday at the end of September. She grew up on a farm in Ranger country, near Leoville. Her maiden name is Metrunee and she still has family members residing on the family farm. Ninety-two-year-old Henry and Mary are happy to still be living on their farm five miles from me with the assistance of Carmel, Mary’s niece, a retired school teacher.

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