Seniors remain busy at the lake

Meota News

Lawrie Ward’s 80 birthday party took place in the Do Drop In May 11 with a good crowd of folks to wish him well, with a happy healthy future for many more years. Lawrie is very active with the Lions Club in Meota, helps out at the seniors’ hall, takes part in both the Hobby Band and Lions chorus, leads the bottle drives and many other fundraisers for the Lions. His family was in attendance and several picture posters showed his full and busy life with family and community. Even his baby book was on display. The family’s nickname for Lawrie is Papa Smurf.

The Meota Hobby Band entertained at Caleb Village the afternoon of May13. This is always enjoyed by everyone attending. Thanks, guys!

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The Meota Lions Chorus will  be in the Lady Minto Health Center in Edam, May 27, and at Villa Pascal May 30. Drop by to listen.

The Sons of Norway wind-up bowling event was held in St. Walburg, May 7, with a happy time there.

The new bar in Edam opened to the public April 26 and served a full house of local folks.

Duplicate bridge was played at the Pioneer Hall in the city May 7 with the scores in order - Jette and Terence Dasilva, Margaret Dyck and Ron Inkster, Mary Phelps and Gerry Craig. May 9 saw top mark go to Margaret Dyck and Jean Lawes, Catriona Winterholt and Cletus Scherman, and finally Linda Ard and Robert Iverson.

Swimming lessons will be offered at Meota beach this summer again, by Brittany Nedelec. Watch for her posters with dates and times.

The monthly meeting of the Do Drop In was held May 10 with a good turnout of interested members. The Wellness Clinic was held April 18. The library report stated that 177 people used the library in April and two new cards were issued. Twelve children and caregivers attended Story Time' in April. There was a good turnout of seniors from Edam who joined our group April 15 to partake of a noon buffet meal and spend the afternoon playing games. Twelve members have signed up to attend the Playhouse on June 26. The plan is to meet at Valley Ford and travel by rented van, together. Maureen is in charge of these arrangements. Both flags need to be replaced and this is being looked into. We need two delegates to go to the Provincial SSAI convention and info was handed out, hoping a couple folks will volunteer to go. Hotel expenses and registration will be paid by the club, all in the Heritage Inn, June 5 and 6. Chat and Chew will not continue once the concession at the beach opens May 24 or the local cafe opens. Expenses and compensation involved with work done at the Do Drop In will be reimbursed. A silent auction item will be bought for under $40, to be turned in at the convention for a fund-raiser for the event. The seniors hall will be closed for a couple weeks while work is done on the floor during a slack time this summer. Walkathon miles are to be phoned in to Vivianne at 306-386-3229 before May 25. Leave a message if no answer. It was suggested that the next event we host that we cook bison rather than turkey or beef, for a change. Next meeting will be June 14 at 10:30 followed by a pot-luck lunch.

Following the tasty luncheon all enjoyed, 13 seniors stayed on to hear the presentation by Phil Bourrier and his wife from Edam who explained what Shaw TV has to offer the local area. Since Access TV doesn’t offer a menu or listing channel, there is no way to see what they are offering at any time, and many folks, seniors especially, feel they can’t manage without it, so are looking for an alternative.

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