Small town girl puts on big time show

Submitted by Jim and Elaine Tomkins

Terri-Anne Strongarm – She is still just a small-town girl who could live next door to you or me but she is also no stranger to the big stages.

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She spent much of the winter doing shows in southern United States which in turn lead to gigs in Las Vegas hotels and casinos.

Her small-town attitude showed when she jumped at an opportunity to do a concert in Rabbit Lake and almost immediately after the show said, “I like this crowd,” and planned to come back for another concert on Oct. 18. Her love of singing showed when at 7 o’clock she started to sing, her show was scheduled to start at 7:30. When told that people where still coming in the door her reply was, “I am not starting the show, but just playing around.”

She continued to “play around “for the next three hours to a near capacity crowd. At times she had the audience crying with her sincere emotion of her songs. I am sure that she would have sung all night if we had asked her to. With a voice range and tone that matches and maybe exceeds Celine Dionne and Martina McBride she wowed the crowd and even gave us some insight into her life with a few personal stories about her family. She touched on technology, saying, “This little thing cost $300, that would buy my groceries!”

Her life started out at Star Blanket but at an early age she moved to Regina with her mom and dad, Alex Strongarm, who played fiddle and sang with the band Highway Express. Terri-Anne started to go on stage and sing with him when she was four years old. The stage bug has stayed with her and now she is much more comfortable on stage in front of a crowd than she is in a grocery store. She is now looking to find a small town to move into, so she can raise her son away from all the influence of the city life. At seven years old he has already started to follow his mother’s footsteps and is doing some singing.

We wish them both long and fruitful careers and any time they are looking to do a concert they are most welcome to come back to Rabbit Lake

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