Snow storm preferable to sand equivalent

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Hello from sunny Yuma, Ariz. At times there are nasty, whirling winds, stirring up the desert sand, making driving in the foothills a chalenge. I would prefer to drive in a snowy blizzard, because the blasting sand leaves indentations in the car’s exterior paint. This is a phenomenon many locals here attest to. Vehicles stored outdoors are not a pretty sight. We are homeward bound in a couple of weeks, following the Canadian government rules closely. A 14-day quarantine is still in place. It is enforced through a hotline where one must report for 14 days straight, answering all nine questions honestly. A visit from an RCMP member to ensure one is following the stringent rules is also part of the process. I know, because ir etirned to the United States in October and had to follow the above procedure. On Day 10 an RCMP member from Warman detachment checked up on me.

Hours at the Mayfair branch of Lakeland Library will be 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesdays as of April 7. Tuesday and Thursday hours will remain the same.

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Spiritwood’s Canphil Apiaries has honey for sale at the library. Part of the sale proceeds benefit the library. The library reminds patrons that movies, ebooks, CDs and videos not available at the local branch can be accessed through interlibrary loan.

Many farmers are kept busy with calving this time of year, while hoping the weather will co-operate. A few weeks ago, some animals outside had ears and tails frozen in the -40 C temperatures. Who likes to get out of bed at 3 a.m. to check on a cow who is having trouble trying to give birth? Cattle producers, that’s who. Hats off to my many cattle producing friends who wouldn’t change the way of life for anything else.

We sold many bison last month to a buyer in Alberta, so now have only a few left. The prices at live weight were down a bit compared to January. Now there is less work for my husband and nephew Kyle. The grandkids like to view the bison when here to visit. The animals make a majestic addition to the landscape on the rolling, grassy hills with a slough nearby.

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