Sons of Norway have fun at the lake

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We are hoping for a sunny week ahead, so those combines can stay on the job now that they have started up again.

The Spiritwood Folk Fest proved to be another successful event with hundreds of people passing through the eight pavilions over the two days, Aug. 30 and 31. Sorry to have missed it as there were folks returning home to take part in or witness tradition.

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The Meota Hobby Band entertained at River Heights Lodge Sep7. 17, giving locals a chance to share and visit patients there.

A guest at Hobby Band practice on Sept.10 was Vera Robinson who was here visiting Ethel and her brother-in-law Bud Moar in North Battleford and her sisters in Saskatchewan for six weeks. Vera has lived in Bermuda for the past 50 years after setting out at age 21 to “see the world.” Vera enjoys seeing her family and the fact that the people here continue to be “who they are” when the rest of the world has changed so much – and not always in a positive way. Her visits to Meota to see and hear Bud sing and play with the gang and playing music from her youth have always been a special experience of her visits here.

The day numbers on the local community calendar are wrong from Sept. 14 - 30 inclusive, as well as the dates for Canasta are a week off.

The United/Anglican Church Fall Supper is set for Oct. 6, at Edam’s Community Hall, from 5 to 7 p.m.

The Sons of Norway group held a social afternoon Sept. 12 at the lawn bowling building in the city. Over 30 members turned out to enjoy an afternoon of fellowship and food. Cards played were canasta and Norwegian whist. Top score for canasta were Rita Peterson and Darrallene Lapp, top for whist were Albert Huys, then Lois Campbell (Saskatoon) and Carol Huys. Supper consisted of fresh corn on the cob from the Neale farm and barbecued hamburgers done by David Ottas from Edam. These were buffeted along with salads and condiments and, later, desserts.

Then they held their annual general meeting with Arlene Walker in the chair, secretary Janice Morton and treasurer David Ottas. All committee members were present and gave their reports. Norwegian whist afternoons will start up again Oct. 11, in places to be decided. Bob Lesko won the door prize. The Foundation Supper of soup and sandwich will be Oct. 25 at the lawn bowling building. 

There will be Norwegian whist at the Action Now building starting every Tuesday afternoon at 1:30. Join your friends for a nice social afternoon.

Sept. 13 was the date of the first fall meeting of the Do Drop In with more than a dozen folks present. Minutes and finances were dealt with. The matter of a new front door was discussed and will be looked into. Arlene gave the social report and Maureen gave the library report. Eric (and Gail) have done work both on the building and the yard and trimmed some trees this summer. The Golden Sheaf Awards for senior volunteers named Arlene Walker as a recipient and invited her to the celebration in Regina Sept. 29 but she is previously booked elsewhere. Chat and Chew will continue for a while. Soon the golf course will be closing and the future of the hotel known. No word yet on the grant application for the floorwork planned. The first shuffleboard of the season is on Friday, Sept. 14. A motion was carried to not charge for the use of the hall Sept. 8 for the Cody Duhaime Walkathon. Happy birthday was sung for those in July, August and September. The Christmas Party is set for Sunday, Dec. 1. Volunteers will gather for a good kitchen cleanup when a date is established. The date for Senior’s Week when we hold a dessert and coffee event will be Oct. 2, from 2 to 4 p.m. The Hobby Band will be holding a mini concert Oct. 15 at 10 a.m. in aid of the Do Drop In. All are welcome. The flu clinic is on Oct. 22 from 3 to 6 p.m. The next meeting is on Oct. 11. A tasty potluck luncheon followed.

Shuffleboard was played at the Do Drop In on Sept. 13 with 16 players. It started at 9:30 a.m. and finished by 3 p.m. Winners were, first, Arlene Walker and Maurice Bru, second Stella Rendle and Cora Christiansen, tied for third were Svend Christiansen and Albert Huys along with Lorna Pearson and Carol Dyck, then tied for fourth were Louise Haubold and Ken Schmidt along with Maureen Campbell and Nestor Fransoo. The potluck lunch was very good as usual and everyone enjoyed the outing.

The Cody Duhaime Memorial Walk and Jeep ride to raise awareness and funds for mental health programs was held from the Do Drop In in Meota Sept. 8. They raised a total of over $20,000 for which the family is most grateful.

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