Spring melt takes its time at the lake

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The community hall April luncheon was another tasty success with the usual group of volunteers doing the work, which we do appreciate. There was a fair crowd and that is also appreciated for their support of the hall.

The ice is taking its time melting and every day the scene changes. A strong west wind last week saw it move to the eastern shores, but the wind again on Saturday turned it around so it came back into Sparrow Bay, but gently. The main part of water is open with the south side showing ice. It is broken up and running into Jackfish Creek with quite a noise. Over at the bridge, there was quite a huge island of ice piled high, and the ice you could see piled up across at Day’s Beach must have been 10 to 20 feet high, but no way to access it to check it out closely.

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On April 20, Warren and Vernon Iverson and their sister Arlene Walker and a friend, Kathy Seretzky, travelled to Denver, Col., to visit relatives there. Kathy visited with her friends in Denver. They were fortunate to have several cousins and their families all get together to share pictures, record books and stories. They had not seen any of these relatives since 2006 so there were many changes to catch up on. The weather was cool and wet most of the trip and they enjoyed seeing lots of Angus cattle and antelope along the way.

Duplicate bridge was played in the Pioneer Hall April 23 with top score by Jetta and Terrance Dasilva, second were Gerry Craig and Mary Phelps and third went to Lucille and Bernard Gregoire. April 25, same place, same time, saw top marks in order - Jean Lawes and Fraser Glen, Catriona Winterholt and Donna Scherman, David Sharpe and Vern Iverson.

Garage Sale Day in Edam is set for May 4.

The Meota Concession plans to open May 15 with their usual great offerings.

An afternoon spent at Edam Manor April 25 was interesting as a group gathered for a time of acrylic painting on canvas or rock, with Beth Wynne leading them. The results were interesting as this is a nice medium to work with. We had supper at the Vawn Hotel on our way home, an interesting establishment and good food. Thursday evening the public is invited to watch a movie at the Manor, usually a good one.

Now the weather has turned cold again with one place near Calgary reporting thunderstorms and blizzard at the same time – talk about confused weather!

The robins are happy to have water in the birdbath and they make regular use of it. Such fun to watch them flapping and splashing away and then preening their feathers.

Quite a few folks have been cleaning up their lots, trimming trees and opening up for summer traffic to come.

It has been too windy and cool for a lot of action at the golf course but it will soon be busier when the weather warms up.

One cabin is being renovated and we see material coming into town, so the carpenter work never stops around here. There are quite a few places for sale, too. Both of Robert Iverson’s houses are being renovated so the results will be interesting.


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