Staff changes at St. Peter’s School to start ‘21

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Just because there isn’t the usual activity we are accustomed to this year, doesn’t mean we have nothing to talk about. The weather, up until a Jan. 13 storm, had been picture perfect. Continued creativity and perseverance of Unity teams and residents to keep plugging away through the pandemic are prevalent.

I wish our son, the NICU graduate, a happy 19th birthday Jan. 24.

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Thestart of 2021 brought a few staffing changes to St. Peter’s School. Mr. Dan Wilgenbusch will continue leading the Grade 3 classroom until the Easter break. Mrs. Sander began her maternity leave in January and Miss Michaela Deck moved from the kindergarten room to lead the Grade 1 classroom. Mrs. Sander and her husband Curtis are congratulated on the birth of their third child in January. Mrs. Leita Deck will lead the kindergarten classroom.

A Jan. 12 Saskatchewan government update wasn’t super exciting for the arena, but the Jan. 14 announcement from Sask. Hockey was even more bleak. For the time being, hockey and skating clubs for U18 participants will continue with eight-person, masked practices until a decision is made regarding the remainder of the rink season. There is plenty of extra public skating and shinny time, but participants must follow pandemic protocols.

The curling club decided the extended restrictions were not conducive to continuing the season, so the ice was removed Jan. 18. The curling club thanks everyone for their patience in the process. It will be a financial hit for the club not hosting the regular slate of activity but members hope to regain ground next year.

The exterior work on the community centre is a welcome sight. This has been in talks for a while but talk has turned to a reality and we will see this recreation venue become a much more esthetically pleasing piece of property.

Congratulations to the following town employees for milestone years of service awards: Al Schumack, Public Works, five years; Kavi Pandoo, financial officer, five years; Aileen Garret, CAO,15 years; and Michelle Schumack, librarian, 25 years.

Here’s hoping this finds you all safe, healthy and socially distanced. Until next week ...

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