Summer adventure at Lake Athabasca

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Anyone having exciting Saskatchewan holidays this summer? Jason, who works with Scott Lake  with Curtis Woloshyn, my oldest son, experienced one at Lake Athabasca for almost three weeks.

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Jason and Curtis drove to Stony Rapids, then rented a large boat for transportation on Fond-du-Lac River into Athabasca Lake. They camped and fished for 12 days, hampered by a bit of cool, nasty weather. The trip included seeing the sand dunes and the focus was trying to catch the big ones in this extremely challenging body of water, which goes into Alberta and ends at Fort Chipewyan. They tented and carried all the necessary camping gear. The mosquitoes were not overly friendly, nor the bears or wolves. Fishing was not anything to brag about because of high water levels.

Closer to Uranium City, the crew to clean up the environment at Gunnar Mine were unable to work due to excessive water A lot of big equipment is standing in the high water, while workers are waiting for  it to lower.

Only 25 people remain at Uranium City. The closure of the mines led to economic collapse, forcing residents to leave.

There are not many names in the outdoor magazines a person recognizes. Big Buck summer issue has a great feature on the Pollard sisters of Saskatoon. Gabrielle, the youngest daughter of Mitchell and Jenelle, and her sisters grew up with a father who is an avid sportsperson. As a kid he hunted most of his life on a family farm near Mayfair. This passion was passed on to his three daughters, who love the outdoors. The well-written article includes photos and Gabrielle is pictured kneeling by her first buck. They are all safely trained in gun handling and are true sportswomen. As Mitchell has stated, "I'm proud of my three girls. Maybe one year I'll actually make it in the Big Buck magazine."

Spiritwood Area Recreation Culture and Sport has tickets on sale for a draw Oct. 10. Only 14,500 tickets are to be sold, and there is a potential to will $30,750 on the Mega 50/50 Draw. Tickets are one for $10, three for $25 and 15 for $50. Because of COVID-19 tickets are available online only. Anyone with questions can call 306-883-2161.

Keith Liebert's birthday was celebrated on a weekend two weeks ago. Wife Faye invited her eldest sister Mary from Davidson and brother Terry from Moose Jaw to join the fun times right in the farmyard with their fifth-wheel trailer for extra accommodation. With social distancing rules in place everyone had  great time. Daughter Michelle (Chad) Schwartz from Flin Flon, Man. were unable to attend, but plan to visit in August.

Last Friday evening brought moderate to extensive hail damage near Highworth and Whitkow areas. The hail ended approximately six miles northeast from Whitkow.

In a little more than a month, harvest season will be upon us. Hopefully it will be a typical one with hot weather. Last year was not a great year for western farmers as it is reported 420,000 acres in Manitoba, two million acres in Saskatchewan and 1.6 million in Alberta had not been harvested due to poor conditions in October. There were immature corps, early snowfall and heavy rain making hardships for farmers. The bills still have to be paid.

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