Swimming and swinging as things start looking normal

We know things can change, however the return to games on the diamonds, our provincial cases reducing as a result of more vaccinations taking place and a new skip in everyone’s step has definitely boosted morale in the community. We continue to be optimistic and hope for better days ahead for everyone. Thanks to everyone who has done their part to get to this point.

The weather continues to co-operate for our farmer friends. Seeding has wrapped up, crops are emerging nicely and there is much to be thankful for.

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Unity Lions Club is celebrating their 75th year in Unity in 2021. This service club has provided upwards of $350,000 to the community financially and innumerable man hours volunteering at various events.

While we are happy for this family, our community is sad to learn of the departure of Economic Development Director Carey Baker. Baker, while never wanting to accept acknowledgement or fanfare, has been a large part of bringing Unity to the success story it is today. His family were also huge community ambassadors and committed volunteers.

In a recent report, Mayor Sharon Del Frari indicates the yearly road levy has been dropped from tax bills and council has been assured by staff that funding capital projects is still possible. The first week of June was adopt-a-block week to clean up the community. Folks could get a block map at the town office along with garbage bags and latex gloves. In partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, prizes were offered for those who brought their signed map showing completion back to town office.

Seniors’ centres have shown renewed appreciation and enthusiasm for gardening. Many of these folks grew up with gardening, largely because it was a way of life when they were growing up and as they built their families. Parkview Place, Luther Place and 8th Avenue Estates all have gardening spaces that include individual plots and community garden space. This “green-thumb” therapy is beneficial for both physical and mental wellness for residents. I was told, there might even be some friendly competition when it comes time to harvesting the gardens.

Pandemic has again nixed Western Days, although organizers says there is still a glimmer of hope for a potential fall event if the province continues to see success with mass vaccinations and case numbers decreasing.

Unity Kin Club recently distributed $2,400 from a couple of recent fundraisers in their mandate to “Serve the community’s greatest needs.” Six beneficiaries were recipients of donations.

The Unity Credit Union Aquatic Center opened May 31. Maximum attendance at one time is 75 and those taking in aquasizes need to register, as numbers also must be maintained for this group activity.

Although the Sr. Cardinals are not part of the NSRBL this year you can still cheer on the Jr. Cardinals. The complete schedule is listed on their website. Many of these players grew up in the UMB ranks, so will be fun to watch in this next division.

St. Peter’s School received a Knights of Columbus donation to support school ventures. Residents may notice some of the older equipment has been removed from the playground and this space will make way for some new incoming equipment for students and townsfolk to enjoy in the near future.

Here’s hoping this finds you all safe, healthy and socially distanced. Until next week ...

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