The golf course is open at the lake

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The golf course was up and running this past weekend, nice for the local and holiday folks who can’t wait for their first game of the year.

The list of highway repairs for this summer has been posted and there will be more rebuilt this side of Vawn. The heavy oil tankers and grain trucks really are hard on the roads. They weren’t built for that kind of traffic in the past. I was sorry to see nothing for the highway from Leoville to Chitek Lake, which at times is almost impassable in places. Improvements will be made between Kindersley and the Alberta border, a road Beth said needs work.

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April 15 found a tasty buffet at the Do Drop In set out for our visitors who came down from Edam for the day. About a dozen folks joined our group. Door prizes were drawn for while the dishes were being done then people played whatever game they preferred Canasta, cribbage or Scrabble. The day ended with coffee and cookies and all had a nice social afternoon.

Lefa Sproxton and Vern Burgardt have returned from their winter stay in Yuma to find everything in order except the tarp off one building didn’t survive. Compared to their return last year, when there was still a foot or two of snow, it was good.

A waterline break at the junction of Beach Avenue and the golf course road had many machines and men working for several days to correct the problem and had the ‘Boil water advisory’ signs up around town.

Duplicate bridge played at the Pioneer Hall in the city April 16 saw top score go to Margaret Dyck and Pat Zaychkowsky, second were Jim Fraser and Cletus Scherman, and third Richard Groves and Joyce Antoine. Twenty players showed up this night. April 18 games saw Vern Iverson and David Sharpe first, then Margaret Dyck and Fraser Glen and third Joyce Antoine and Gerry Fernandes.

At the Do Drop In Friday evening there were only two tables in Canasta play with top score by Marion Ottas and Dora Greening and second by Dave Ottas and Arlene Walker.

The Lions’ golf cart fundraiser saw the cart sink on April 19 with Leo Brassard being the closest guess. The cart and thank-you poster are at the corner across from the hotel and store.

Mark your calendars again for the community hall lunch on April 26. Come out and welcome our snowbirds back and have a visit with everybody and enjoy a tasty meal.

My daughter Beth Wynne drove up from Taber on Sunday for Easter dinner with Linda and me. A drive along the lake showed ice gathering against Tobey’s Point and in the bay this side of it. Some damage to the concrete blocks around the berm at the swimming hole has happened with one big rock coming over with the ice on the western side, whereas it usually happens to the northeast section. That could still happen as the ice was back into Sparrow Bay on Sunday where it had been quite far out the day before. Beth said the little sloughs along the way have lots of snow geese in them in mid-day, between feeding times.

The days are so nice you feel like you should be planting something, but it is still mid-April, not mid-May. Lots of people were cleaning up their yards, trimming trees and raking leaves and hauling to the recycle station north of the village.

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